Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6014

  His biggest advantage was that he dared to kill and fight, and he did collect quite a few punks who were loyal to him on the streets back then.

Grassroots origin, he does not know too much about the art of power, he just think, brothers follow me to do a good job, I will not treat everyone, I have a bowl of rice to eat, there are brothers a mouthful of soup to drink.

But Mike is much smarter than him.

The year Mike graduated from high school, he was the only one in his black neighbourhood to be admitted to a serious public university in the same year.

It was a neighbourhood where the crime and divorce rates were sky-high, where young men learned to shoot up and do drugs before their hair grew out, and where if there wasn’t a gunfight every day, everyone in the neighbourhood would lose sleep because they weren’t used to it.

The fact that Mike had been accepted to college in such an environment was a testament to the fact that his mind was far from average.

However, after Mike went to college, due to the poverty of his family, he felt a huge gap in the university, he saw the rich people’s intoxication, but also saw the female classmates of the rich man’s fervent pursuit, while he, because of the lack of money and skin colour problems, by the side of the classmates alienated and ostracized.

From that moment on, Mike went astray and started stealing from other students on campus – mobile phones, computers, bicycles – anything that could be exchanged for money, he wouldn’t let go.

So in his second year of college, he was expelled from the school.

Desperate for a way out, he simply joined the gang he met when he was selling money, the predecessor of the Burning Angels.

Relying on his own brains, Mike became the second-in-command of the Burning Angels step by step, and was deeply respected by Daniel.

However, Mike had also been worried that his position as second in command wasn’t secure enough, and he felt that his biggest threat was Will.

That’s why Mike took the opportunity to say a few bad words about Will, so that Daniel would be more wary of Will.

However, the two of them didn’t know that Will’s life was already hanging in the balance, and the status quo of the two of them would also change drastically.

Soon, the two of them stepped into the roast goose shop.

On the ground floor of the restaurant, Antonio, who had broken his leg and lost both of his ears, was sitting behind a table in the deepest part of the restaurant, facing the door, wearing a woolen hat.

The two men came in and recognised Antonio at once, but they did not feel that there was anything unusual about Antonio, the only thing they could not understand was why he was wearing a woolen hat, which seemed to be out of place.

As soon as Daniel came in, he said very respectfully to Antonio, “Hello boss!”

Mike also said respectfully, “Hello boss!”

Antonio looked at the two with complicated eyes and spoke, “Daniel, when we get to Syria in the future, you must not blame me.”

Daniel listened in confusion and subconsciously asked, “Boss, what do you mean by this? Who is going to Syria? Are we going to Syria?”

Antonio sighed deeply, Ye Chen had just very frankly stated all his plans.

Tonight, he was going to make use of Antonio to ask all the leaders of all the organisations under his command as well as their second-in-command to come over one after another, and then detain all of them, and then early tomorrow morning, when Wan Baojun arrived, he would take away all of the bosses of these gangs, and let the second-in-command watch the bosses being taken away by Wan Baojun from the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace, and then promote these second-in-command in place to a hand, so that they could go and take over their gangs.

Ye Chen was going to use this trick to make the entire New York gangs, all of them, his puppets in one night’s time.

These surviving second-in-command, who were completely shocked, after returning, considering that Ye Chen was backed by the powerful Ten Thousand Dragons Palace, they absolutely did not dare to have any disobedient hearts in the future, and would definitely follow Ye Chen’s orders to the death.