Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6013

Antonio was the underground emperor of the whole of New York, so when he summoned those gang leaders, all of them, without exception, all responded cheerfully and immediately.

Moreover, the words Ye Chen arranged for Antonio were more confusing.

According to Ye Chen’s request, he told the gang leaders that he had a very important big business to interview with them, and asked them to bring one of their most trusted confidantes to the Roasted Goose Restaurant in Chinatown for a secret meeting.

On top of that, Ye Chen also asked him to tell those leaders that the business to be talked about this time was particularly important, which was why it was specially chosen in a place like Chinatown, in order to hide it from the public, so Antonio also specifically explained to them that they should never tell anyone other than their beloved one about it, or else he would be kicked out of the Zano family’s territory permanently.

These gang leaders are all follow Antonio mixed food, the reason why they can have their own territory in New York, in addition to their own fight, but also rely on Antonio’s backing, if they don’t have Antonio’s support, then their territory will be Antonio under the banner of the other gangs will be scrambled.

Therefore, these gangs are very loyal to Antonio, fearing that there is something that will make Antonio dissatisfied and thus be kicked out by him.

To put it bluntly, these gangs in New York that are loyal to the Zano family are like countless vicious dogs that have been bred by the Zano family, and each vicious dog has its own food bowl.

The size of the food bowl may be different, and the quantity and quality of the food inside may also be different, but because everyone belongs to the same master, each dog does not dare to covet the food in the bowls of the other dogs.

But once a dog is abandoned by its owner, the other dogs will snatch all the food from that dog’s bowl in the fastest possible time, and then tear the dog apart and eat it.

Interestingly, if such a dog is raised less, it is likely to be unable to manage, but the more such dogs are raised, the more loyal each dog becomes.

Soon, Daniel, the Burning Angel boss who was the first to be notified, took his beloved Mike and drove to Chinatown together.

On the way here, the two had been speculating about the specific purpose of Antonio asking them to come this time, after all, in the phone call, Antonio had only said that he had important business to discuss with them, but did not disclose any specific message.

Both Daniel and Mike felt that Antonio suddenly summoned them in Chinatown, most likely because they had recently made good progress in Chinatown, so they had received another look from Antonio.

After all, the Hua Gang had lost completely this time, and the Burning Angels had ravaged Chinatown and the entire Chinatown area, attacking the city in general, with a progress that far exceeded even their own expectations.

In their own eyes, this was a great victory for them, and after a victory, it was only natural for the commander to reward them for their achievements.

Therefore, these two people were very excited along the way, and kept thinking about the bright future of the Burning Angels in their hearts.

When they parked their car in front of the Roasted Goose Shop, the first thing they saw was the motorbikes of a few of their men, and Mike said with some surprise, “Boss, these cars, they seem to be Will’s and theirs.”

Daniel wasn’t surprised at all and spoke, “Will has been in Chinatown these past few days purging those Chinese gang members, as well as disobedient Chinese vendors, maybe it’s just that they’re doing a better job, and that’s why they’re impressing the Boss.”

Mike quickly whispered and reminded, “Boss, although Will’s sister is your mistress, I still have to remind you, be careful of this guy Will, this guy has a lot of ambition, he will never willingly follow you as a small leader, maybe his ambition is even bigger than your current achievements, this time he got the boss’s appreciation, I’m afraid that in the future it will be even more like a fish out of water, you can You must be careful!”

Mike’s words immediately made Daniel’s expression flinch.

Daniel was not considered a smart person.