Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6012

And what they didn’t expect was that there were also two strange people following behind them who were hugging each other and bouncing on one leg with each other.

However, they soon saw that the reason why these two “weirdos” were so strange was not because they were really strange, but because the other leg of both of them was constantly leaving blood, and upon a closer look, they could tell that both of them had received gunshot wounds.

At this time, the head of the five people, sharp-eyed Will Johnson, suddenly recognised one of the people with a broken leg, he was horrified beyond measure exclaimed: “Za …… Zano boss?!”

When the other four people heard this, one by one, they were also wide-eyed, subconsciously looking towards the direction that Will Johnson was looking at, and it didn’t matter if they looked at it, all four of them were scared out of their wits!

Who would have thought that their boss’s boss, the boss of the New York mafia, the Zano family’s spokesman Antonio Zano, was now so wretched that he had followed behind Ye Chen to this tiny roast goose restaurant!

You know, this was the strongest mafia boss in the whole of New York! It was like the emperor of the underground kingdom of New York!

And now, this underground emperor who had unlimited scenery and power in the sunset, now, had become a wretched captive, this contrast, simply shocked everyone’s eyeballs!

Ni Da Wei also looked dumbfounded at this moment!


But where could he have thought that Antonio had become Ye Chen’s prisoner at this moment.

Antonio also did not expect that someone would recognise him here, he saw that the other party had dark skin and knew that he must be a gang member just by looking at the way he was dressed, and he immediately realised in his heart that this person should be a member of one of those peripheral gangs under his command.

Thinking of this, he could not help but think of his own today’s encounter, if it is not a few eye-catching son of a bitch to collect protection money received Ye Chen’s head, he could not have been this inhuman torture, the heart immediately angry.

He has forgotten his current situation, looking at Will Johnson, gritted his teeth and cursed: “You son of a bitch, who is your boss? Who let you come to Chinatown to collect protection money? Blind your dog’s eyes, how dare you run and dare to come here to be reckless!”

Will Johnson didn’t expect that the idol of his heart, the big boss of his own boss, would insult him as soon as he opened his mouth, so naturally he was aggrieved in his heart, and could only say resentfully, “Boss Zano, I’m Will of the Burning Angels, ah! My boss is Daniel, it was Zano boss you who told him to take Chinatown as well as lower Manhattan, that’s why he gave me this territory of Chinatown …… We are all under your orders!”

Antonio’s heart panicked, and then he remembered that it was he who personally gave the Burning Angels as well as the other peripheral gangs their spheres of influence, and told them to completely purge and occupy the area he had given them in the shortest amount of time, and the area of Chinatown was indeed divided amongst the Burning Angels.

In other words, no matter who this area itself was divided to, the other party will definitely find this roast goose shop, and will also definitely offend Ye Chen because of it ……

As a result, he, who was still furious just now, was instantly dumbfounded, looking left and right and not daring to speak again.

Ye Chen saw that he started to play dumb, a slap on his face, coldly said, “Look at that wimpy look of yours, really disgrace the Sicilians!”

Antonio received a slap, but he could only say with a face full of shame, “I’m sorry Mr Ye …… It’s all my fault ……”

Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, “Do you know who the second in command of the Burning Angels is?”

“Know.” Antonio explained, “The second in charge is Mike, and Daniel grew up together.”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “Call Daniel and tell him to bring that Mack and meet you here immediately!”

After saying that, Ye Chen added, “Tonight, I’m going to meet all the gang leaders below you as well as the second-in-command, all of them.”