Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6011

At this point, Antonio and Aman Ramovich no longer dared to disobey Ye Chen in any way.

Thus, the two of them immediately complied with Ye Chen’s request, and each of them sent their own men and family members away.

Before ten minutes had passed, these people, all of them, had withdrawn from the Zano family’s manor.

After Ye Chen released his aura to check and saw that the entire manor was indeed empty, he said to Keung Chai, “Keung Chai, go and drive the car to the entrance.”

“Okay Mr Ye!” Keung Tsai nodded and hurriedly left the wine cellar.

Ye Chen looked at Antonio and Aman Ramovich again and said indifferently, “You two, hurry up and go to the door.”

Antonio looked at his ruined leg and choked, “Mr Ye, I …… can’t walk ……”

“Yes Mr Ye ……” Amaramovic also said with a dishevelled face, “I can’t walk either, my right leg hurts like hell, I can’t even stand up… …”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice: “You two, a broken right leg, a broken left leg, two people just happened to help each other out together, since you can’t be a father-in-law and son-in-law, at least you can still be a pair of brothers who support each other.”

Julia couldn’t look on, and hurriedly tried to help her father up, but Ye Chen opened his mouth and warned, “Don’t intervene.”

Julia indignantly questioned, “Why are you torturing them like this?”

Ye Chen asked back, “Is this called torture?”

Saying that, he pointed at the medieval style torture rack beside him and asked her, “Do you want your father to introduce you to how this thing is usually used? And then demonstrate all those tricks he used on others on him to show you?”

Julia still wanted to retort, Antonio had already turned pale with fear, he hurriedly pushed his daughter away and said nervously, “Julia you don’t have to help me, I can stand up by myself ……”

Saying that, he barely stood on one leg and jumped towards Aman Ramovich with difficulty.

Aman Ramovich at this time was also afraid that Ye Chen would lay hands on them again, and hurriedly jumped to Antonio on one leg, and after the two hugged together, they supported each other with their bodies before they could barely stand still.

Ye Chen did not pay attention to Julia, step towards the outside, Antonio and Aman Ramovich also hurriedly hugged together and jumped out.

Julia followed all the way behind, and by the time the four of them came out, Keung Chai had already driven his car to the entrance of the manor.

Ye Chen stuffed Antonio as well as Aman Ramovich into the back row, and then came to the passenger side himself, and while pulling open the car door, he said to Julia who was following behind, “You don’t need to follow, go and find someone to deal with the corpses in the wine cellar, and in addition, tell all of Zano’s family members, as well as Aman Ramovich’s bodyguards in his entourage, whoever dares to come to the door to avenge for the two of them, I’ll kill them on a case-by-case basis! ”

Julia nervously asked, “Then will my father still be able to come home tonight?”

“Can’t return.” Ye Chen spoke, “He’s in Chinatown tonight, and he’ll be on a boat to Syria tomorrow.”

Julia busily said, “There’s always a need to let him say goodbye to his family ……”

Ye Chen nodded and spoke, “Don’t worry, I will let you guys say goodbye to him tomorrow, just wait for the notice.”

After saying that, Ye Chen sat in the car and said to Qiang Zai, “Drive.”

Qiang Zai kicked the accelerator, and the sedan flew away from the Zano family’s manor, heading all the way towards Chinatown.

Meanwhile, at the same time, in the Roasted Goose Restaurant in Chinatown, the five members of the Burning Angels were still under the guard of Chen Zhaozhong and Ni Da Wei, who did not dare to move a muscle.

They were hoping that if they didn’t go back for a long time, the boss and the other cohorts would realise the problem and send someone over to save them.

However, they also know in their hearts, just one or two hours do not go back, the boss will not have any suspicion, to make him suspicious, at least until tomorrow morning.

Just when they were hoping for a miracle in their hearts, the door was suddenly pushed open.

The five of them looked towards the door with an expectant face, only to see Ye Chen, whom they least expected to see, stride in.