Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6010

  As for Amaramovich, he couldn’t help but start to reanalyse Ye Chen’s relationship with the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace in his heart.

Previously, he thought that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was protecting the Ye Family because it had taken half of the Ye Family’s assets.

But now, it seemed that Ye Chen’s strength was simply perverted to the point of being astonishing, and his character was extremely strong, so how could such a person possibly succumb to others?

Therefore, whether it was the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall that had conquered the Ye Family, or whether it was Ye Chen that had conquered the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, this matter was currently subject to a question mark.

However, judging from Ye Chen’s behaviour, it seemed that the latter was a little more likely.

Thinking of this, Amaramovich’s heart was even more terrified.

If even the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was Ye Chen’s underling, then what was he in front of him? Wasn’t he still going to be completely taken down by him?

At this time, Antonio was even more scared.

Because he could hear that Ye Chen was trying to get Wan Baojun to supervise the Zano Family, and once the Zano Family no longer obeyed Ye Chen’s orders, then it would probably be taken out by Wan Baojun.

And Ye Chen didn’t hide his threat at all at this moment, coldly said, “Starting from tomorrow, no matter who is in charge of the Zano family, as long as there is anyone who doesn’t listen, I will let Wan Brokejun to take him out immediately, one who doesn’t listen will kill one, two who don’t listen will kill a pair, and keep on killing until there is no one left in your Zano family, do you hear me?”

Antonio dared to be half slow, trembling and desperately nodding his head, muttering under his breath, “I understand! I understand!”

Ye Chen nodded, and pointed at Keung Chai beside him, and said indifferently, “Since Keung Chai will be your boss from now on, your Zano family will naturally have to protect your boss’s personal safety to the death, so from now on, no matter what the situation is, as long as Keung Chai suffers from an accident, or a human-made injury, I don’t care if it’s not you who did it or not, I’ll decide that it’s because you’re not good at protecting him, and if he breaks a leg, I’ll let you know. If Keung Chai breaks a leg, I’ll let all male members of your Zano Family break two legs, and if Keung Chai dies, I’ll let all male members of your Zano Family be buried with him, is that clear?”

The first time Antonio heard of this exaggerated sit-in system, his eyes almost fell to the ground, but in his heart, he also knew very well that Ye Chen was determined to eat the Zano family, and completely did not give the Zano family any leeway, disobedience to die, resistance is even more to die, in this case, the only choice, is to obey, and it is all unconditional obedience.

Helpless, he could only cry and nodded his head in agreement, and opened his mouth to say, “Mr Ye rest assured, the Zano family will definitely make every effort to ensure the personal safety of Brother Qiang …….”

Ye Chen nodded his head, and then looked at Aman Ramovich, and spoke, “You are just as likely to be a member of this guilt-by-association system, so I advise you to better hand over all your close friends and direct lineage to Qiang as well, to use them for him, and at the same time to protect him, or else in the event that he has some kind of accident, you will only be even more unlucky, and when the time comes for you to go to sleep for the long haul in Syria, don’t blame me for not reminding you of it. ”

As soon as Aman Ramovich heard Ye Chen insist on sending himself to Syria, his entire body became terrified and at a loss for words.

He had absolutely no idea what exactly Ye Chen’s intentions were, and since that place was always at war, but whoever was life-thirsty would be willing to run there?

When he thought of this, he begged Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, today’s mistake is that my brain is confused, please don’t be so ignorant with me, if you are still not satisfied, you can beat me, scold me, give me an account, I’ll give you some money, how much do you want to just say a number, I only beg you to be magnanimous, let me go… …”

Ye Chen looked at him and said coldly, “I already let you off the hook when I was in Northern Europe, otherwise how could you still have the chance to appear here first?”

Saying that, Ye Chen shook his head and sighed, “I gave you a chance, but you didn’t grasp it!”

Amaramovich still wanted to beg for mercy, Ye Chen was already too lazy to say more to him, and said to him and Antonio in a cold voice, “Notify all of your two henchmen to withdraw, and after ten minutes, the two of you will go to Chinatown with me!”