Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6007

  The Italian-made Leta 92f pistol had always been the light weapon that the Italian-born mafia was most proud of, and the power of this pistol was truly remarkable, the powerful muzzle kinetic energy, instead of piercing through Antonio’s right ear, it was directly shattered into pieces.

Antonio covered his ear in pain and desperately shouted, Julia also cried and covered her father’s ear with her hand, angrily questioning Ye Chen: “Are you crazy? Are you a fascist?!”

“Fascist?” Ye Chen laughed, “How can I, a Chinese, be a fascist, unlike your father, this marvellous Sicilian man might even have some relatives with Mussolini.”

After saying that, Ye Chen looked at Julia with a stern expression, and scolded in a stern voice, “This lady out of Sicily, I advise you to be a little more objective, it was your father who first moved to kill me, just now when he was about to shoot me in the head, you all saw it in your eyes, if I wasn’t a little bit of a good shot, I would have turned into a disfigured corpse in the, and even though I had given him two shots, I haven’t taken his dog’s life yet, compared to him, I’ve been far, far too merciful!”

Julia was speechless for a moment.

She also knew that her father was entirely at fault for this incident, and it was also he who had been moved to kill first, and in a way, this was to blame.

However, this man who had been shot twice was her father after all, so she could only say to Ye Chen with a hard head: ”Although he wanted to kill you, no matter what, he didn’t actually hurt you in the slightest! But you broke one of his legs and one of his ears! Compared to that, you are a fascist!”

Ye Chen looked at her and asked blandly, “Do you think your words, are they objective?”

Although Julia was vain, she still pretended to be firm and said, “Of course it’s objective!”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded expressionlessly, the muzzle of his gun suddenly cut across Antonio’s face and pulled the trigger again!

There was a bang!

Antonio only felt that the exact same thing that had just happened was replayed on his left ear, he reached out and found that his left ear was also full of blood, the whole person almost collapsed and cried out, “My ear! My ear is all gone!”

Ye Chen looked at him, then looked at Julia who had a horrified expression, and said indifferently, “If I hear half a sentence of you excusing this mafia father of yours from your mouth again, I’ll break his limbs, and if you continue to defend him, I’ll chop him up and feed him to the dogs, and at that time, you can continue to accuse me of being a fascist while you watch him being eaten up by the dogs. ”

When Antonio heard this, he was scared and almost fainted, he cried and said to Julia: “My good daughter, from now on, you should not say anything ……”

Julia was also scared, hearing her father say this, she could only nod her head repeatedly, not daring to open her mouth to say more than half a word.

Ye Chen didn’t pay any more attention to her, and instead questioned Antonio, “Are you going to tell the truth now, or will you continue to tell lies?”

Antonio was terrified to the extreme and cried, “I’ll tell the truth …… I’ll tell the truth …… All of my assets, probably more than two billion dollars …… this About a quarter of it is in property, a quarter in various fixed assets, another quarter is in cash and various forms of deposits, stocks, and trusts, and the remaining quarter is all in drug bays and various smuggled goods ……”

Ye Chen sneered, “A mere two billion, what are you hiding? Afraid I’ll rob you of your money?”

Antonio subconsciously shook his head back and forth, saying offhandedly, “No no, that’s not what I meant ……”

Ye Chen pulled aside Keung Chai to his side, looked at Antonio and opened his mouth, “Let me introduce to you, this is Keung Chai, he opened a roast goose shop in Chinatown, there is a gang named Burning Angels, coming to his door to collect three thousand US dollars per month by force, this Burning Angels, what’s the relationship with you?”