Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6006

Ye Chen’s ferocity and solemnity caused Antonio to be unable to stop his body from trembling.

And Ye Chen’s words made him even more fearful, because he knew that Ye Chen only said that he would not kill himself for the time being, but whether to kill or not to kill, it all depended on his mood.

Thinking of this, he a snot and a tear, crying to Ye Chen said: “Mr. Ye, we are really just a small misunderstanding today, now you broke my knees, I also paid a painful price, I hope that you can look at my attitude sincere on the part of, do not follow my general knowledge …… I really know it’s wrong ……”

Ye Chen laughed, “Look at you, what are you crying for? Sicilian men, bleed and sweat without tears, you cry like this in front of your daughter, can you stand up to the Sicilian folks?”

Antonio immediately felt groundless.

Although he often put the spirit of Sicilians on his lips, but really being pointed at a gun and already received a shot, he only wanted to beg Ye Chen to let himself go, at this time, how can he care about what Sicilian spirit, as long as he can let Ye Chen spare his life, let himself take off his trousers and run from here to Manhattan, run three laps around the central park of Manhattan, he is willing to do so.

There are very few people who are not afraid of death who are already quite successful in a certain field.

Don’t look at Antonio is also all the way to fight and kill to grow to today, but he has long been less brave and fearless than when he was young.

When Antonio was young, just like those 14 or 15 years old, like the young gangster, the family is penniless, the pocket points child force no, good day did not enjoy, go out to cut people hate can not afford to sit in a taxi, can only carry a machete to take the bus to go, and take the bus also have to escape the ticket.

This kind of people, even the meaning of life is not understand, live can only take the bus to cut people, die at least can lie back in an ambulance, so even if it is a knife in the head, he is not afraid of.

However, Antonio step by step hacking to today, when he became the biggest mafia boss in New York, he is instead the most afraid of death.

His bravery would only be shown when he absolutely crushed the other party, such as ten minutes ago, when he felt that Ye Chen was nothing more than a mole cricket, and that he could casually crush him to death, he was completely fearless.

However, when he was at an absolute disadvantage and was likely to lose his life, his bravery had long disappeared without a trace.

In order to live, but also in order to suffer less, Antonio could only cry and say, “Mr Ye, if you’re still not satisfied, I’m willing to take out five million US dollars to compensate you, as a little bit of a small token of appreciation ……”

Ye Chen smiled and asked him back, “Antonio, how much money do you have in total?”

Antonio had a flustered expression, dodging Ye Chen’s eyes as he stammered, “I …… I …… I probably have a few tens of millions of dollars… …”

Ye Chen raised his pistol, pressed the muzzle against the right side of his face, and sneered, “I can’t figure out, are you afraid of dying, or are you afraid of spending money?”

Antonio shuddered in fear and quickly changed his words, “No no …… I said it wrong …… I said it wrong! Mr Ye, I …… I probably have a few hundred million dollars ……”

After saying that, Antonio hastily added, “But most of it is real estate ……”

Ye Chen looked at him with a cold expression, and suddenly pulled the trigger in his ear, the huge vibration caused Antonio’s right ear to buzz, and I don’t know if it was the vibration of the gun or some other reason, he only felt his ear go numb for a while, and before he could come back to his senses, he felt a stream of heat flow along his ear to his cheeks and chin.

He was shocked and subconsciously went to touch it, only to realise that his right ear had been lost to the gun!