Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6005

  At this time, Ye Chen reached out and took the Beretta pistol from Antonio’s hand, turning to point it at his head, and asked with a smile, “You like pointing a gun at other people’s heads a lot, don’t you?”

  Antonio was scared out of his wits, muttering under his breath in fear to the extreme, “No …… not ……”

  Seeing this situation, Amaramovic hurriedly and quietly tried to withdraw, but at this time, Ye Chen suddenly aimed his gun at his right leg’s knee and decisively pulled the trigger!


  A gunshot came from the wine cellar again, and Aman Ramovich clutched his knee and fell to the ground, wailing in pain.

  Ye Chen said with an expressionless face, “Mr Amanlamovich, take one more step outside, and my next shot will directly hit your heavenly cap, do you think I can send your heavenly cap flying out with one shot?”

  Aman Ramovich hurriedly cried and said, “I’m not leaving, I’m not leaving, Mr Ye, don’t worry, I’m absolutely not leaving ……”

  ”Mr Ye?” Antonio, who was covered in cold sweat, came back to his senses, looked at the paralysed Aman Ramovich and asked in shock: “You …… you know him?!”

  Before Aman Ramovich could speak, Ye Chen smiled and said, “He called me Mr Ye when he met me, have you forgotten?”

  ”I …… can’t remember ……” Antonio was a little stunned, his mind couldn’t recall.

  Ye Chen sneered, “Your IQ is really low.”

  After saying that, he looked at Aman Ramovich and laughed, “Mr Aman Ramovich, the trick of killing a man with a borrowed knife, you’ve played it well, but you presume to slay a dragon with the knife that kills chickens, isn’t that a bit too much to take for granted?”

  Aman Ramovich said with trepidation, “Ye …… Mr Ye …… I didn’t mean this ……”

  Ye Chen waved his hand, “It’s not time for you to settle the bill yet, I’ll pay for this Mr Zano first.”

  After saying that, he looked at Antonio again and smiled, “You keep saying that you want your daughter to see blood, she has now seen the blood of so many people but only your blood yet, do you think it’s appropriate?”

  Julia, who was at the side, came back to her senses and hurriedly said, “Don’t! Please don’t hurt my dad!”

  Ye Chen looked at her and said in a cold voice, “There is no place for you to speak here! Your father wants you to watch how he kills me, I can also let you watch how I kill him!”

  Antonio’s legs went soft in fear, so he plopped down on the ground and cried, “Mr Ye spare your life …… I …… I won’t dare to disrespect you anymore… …”

  Ye Chen laughed, “Don’t be nervous, I don’t intend to take your life right now, as I said, I will also take you to meet a few people in a while, so that you can have a good chat.”

  ”Thank you Mr Ye, thank you Mr Ye!”

  Once he heard that Ye Chen did not intend to take his life, Antonio was instantly relieved and hurriedly cried out his thanks.

  However, before he could let that breath out, Ye Chen suddenly raised his gun with a bang! A bullet directly hit the knee of his left leg, smashing his left leg knee directly into smithereens, with only skin and flesh left clinging to it.

  Antonio held his left thigh and howled in pain, but Ye Chen asked him with a bashful face, “Not killing you for the time being doesn’t mean that you won’t be allowed to bleed, what are you happy about so early?”