Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6004

  Antonio immediately felt his face burning hot, and immediately said to Aman Ramovich: “Mr Aman Ramovich, you take a few steps back, and I’ll blow his head off after I count to three! Don’t crumble all over your blood at that time!”

  Aman Ramovich smiled and nodded, stepped back a few steps and said, “Antonio, you can start counting down.”

  Julia knew that her father had already moved to kill, but she did her last ditch effort and cried, “Dad, don’t …… please …… don’t kill him . . he’s innocent ……”

  Antonio ignored her, his eyes stared at Ye Chen and said in a cold voice, “Three!”

  Ye Chen smiled faintly and spoke, “Two!”

  ”SHIT!”Antonio didn’t think that Ye Chen would end up having to put on a wave at the end, gritting his teeth, he said, “Good, this is the last sound you’ll leave in this world!”

  Saying that, he shouted, “One!”

  Then, without hesitation, he pulled the trigger!


  A crisp gunshot, accompanied by Julia’s scream, echoed throughout the entire wine cellar.

  Antonio pulled the trigger very smoothly, and the recoil from his wrist told him that the shot had been fired.

  Just when he wanted to take a look at Ye Chen’s head blossoming, he was shocked to find that Ye Chen was unharmed!

  He didn’t know that at the moment he pulled the trigger, Ye Chen had only casually deflected his head to avoid the discharged bullet, and immediately after, his head quickly returned to its place, still in front of Antonio’s gun.

  Antonio was dumbfounded, he couldn’t see Ye Chen’s action just now, he only felt a flash in front of his eyes, the bullet went out, and Ye Chen didn’t have a thing to do, he was still looking at himself with a smile on his face.

  Other people at this time are also shocked speechless, Aman Ramovich is even more stupid, he has been staring at Ye Chen, obviously did not see Ye Chen move, just feel Ye Chen’s head deflated a little bit, how is it unharmed?

  At this time, Ye Chen looked at the dumbfounded Antonio and said with a smile, “You can’t do anything with this shooting method.”

  ”Fuck!” Antonio couldn’t be bothered to think about it, and immediately pulled the trigger again towards Ye Chen’s brain.

  With a bang, the same bizarre thing happened again.

  Ye Chen, surprisingly, dodged his bullet once again!

  Antonio warped off his jaw and muttered, “How did you …… you do that?!”

  Ye Chen sneered, “This is Chinese Kung Fu ah sandiao.”

  After saying that, he suddenly exerted force with both hands, the six pairs of handcuffs on his wrists were then instantly shattered into pieces by the aura, the metal fragments as if they had grown eyes, with great speed and great force, they quickly disappeared into the heads of Antonio’s eight henchmen, and in one go, they exploded the heads of all of the eight henchmen!

  Seeing the eight men instantly lying on the ground, blood also flowed all over the ground, Antonio thought that he had seen a ghost, scared to turn around and flee, but at this time, his legs had become weak in extreme fear, and could not take a step at all.

  He is so, Amaramovic is the same.

  His entire body stared daggers at Ye Chen, and in his heart, he kept telling himself over and over again, “I must be dreaming, I must be dreaming!”

  As for Qiang Zai and Julia, they were both looking dumbfounded in the middle of the day, completely unable to believe what was in front of them.