Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6003

  Soon, before Ye Chen even reached the wine cellar, his wrists were handcuffed with three pairs of sturdy metal handcuffs, even Keung Chai on the side was handcuffed with two pairs of handcuffs, fearing that the two of them would have any chance to fight back.

  Julia was begging Antonio all the way to let Ye Chen off the hook, but Antonio ignored her the whole time, this time, for the first time, Antonio felt that Ye Chen was right, as a woman out of Sicily, Julia did have a kindness that she shouldn’t have had, and it was also time for her to see some more blood up close.

  The wine cellar in Antonio’s mouth was inside the basement of the manor.

  The basement of the manor is very large, and there are three wine cellars that are used to store all kinds of wine, two of them are filled with all kinds of good wine, but the biggest one has no wine inside, instead, there is a whole set of torture racks that were used by the European Church to inflict torture in the fifteenth century.

  This is where Antonio tortured and killed his enemies.

  Since Ye Chen’s hands were handcuffed behind his back, Antonio didn’t let anyone fix him on the torture rack, instead, he brought Ye Chen to the bottom of the torture rack, then he grabbed a pistol from the hand of one of his attendants, and pressed the gun against Ye Chen’s head, and laughed coldly: ”Kid, you’re in luck, usually the ones who can be killed by my hand are all famous and influential people in New York, and the big shots who have a reputation. and big names with faces, a small character like you, it’s your good fortune to die in my hands!”

  Ye Chen hadn’t said anything yet, Oman Ramovich on the side had already secretly said in his heart, “Antonio, this guy is a person from the Ye family in China, in terms of stature, it exceeds those of you mafia by not knowing how much, if you really collapse him with a single shot, he should be the person you have killed in your life with the biggest head.”

  Ye Chen was being pointed at by the gun, he still had no fear, in his opinion, even a stronger pistol could not possibly hurt him, as long as it wasn’t a monster like a close defence gun, he himself was able to face it blandly.

  So, he smiled and said, “It’s also really strange, this time I came to New York within a few hours, one after another, I was pointed at my head with a gun by two groups of people, is this the way of hospitality of your New York gangsters?”

  Antonio did not understand, frowned and asked, “What do you mean? Two groups of people? Besides me, who else pointed a gun at you?”

  Ye Chen casually said, “Oh, no one either, a few small shrimps, but don’t worry, I’ll take you over to get to know them in a moment.”

  ”Take me? Antonio was dumbfounded, and asked Ye Chen, “Is there some kind of major disease in your brain? Do you think I’ll let you leave here alive?”

  Amaramovich saw that Ye Chen was not afraid even when the gun was pressed against his head, his heart couldn’t help but beat some drums, he felt more and more that every extra second Ye Chen lived was a threat to himself, so he deliberately stimulated Antonio and said with a smile, “Antonio, it seems that this Chinese kid isn’t afraid of you at all, I reckon, he thinks that you don’t dare to shoot at all! “