Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6002

Antonio originally wanted to fix Ye Chen to death, and being egged on by Aman Ramovich in disguise, he was even more eager to immediately find a hidden place to shoot Ye Chen in the head.

  The wine cellar, naturally, was the best choice for killing people, so he also wanted to hurry up and bring Ye Chen over there, and in front of Aman Ramovich, finish off this noisy and unknowing Chinese.

  But he never thought that Ye Chen would be more anxious than him when he was dying.

  After freezing for a moment, he pointed at Ye Chen and said with a cold smile, “I’ve killed countless people, and this is the first time I’ve met someone like you who is in a hurry to die, since this is the case, then I’ll fulfil you!”

  After saying that, he immediately said to the few people around him, “Take him down now!”

  Julia defiantly blocked in front of Ye Chen and said sternly, “You can’t do that!”

  Antonio didn’t want his daughter to continue blocking the way, so he thought of letting someone take her away directly, but before he could say anything, Ye Chen said impatiently, “Why are you bothering with her so much? Why are you talking to her so much? Let her see blood! She’ll be stronger after seeing more!”

  Antonio’s brain was buzzing with anger from Ye Chen, so he simply clenched his teeth and said offhandedly, “Julia, as a Sicilian woman, you should see more blood! Otherwise you’re weak like a three year old girl all day long!”

  After saying that, he domineeringly waved a big hand towards his little brother, “Take them away together!”

  Ye Chen opportunistically retracted the aura that he had previously used to deter a few mafia minions, and a few of them had a jolt, not bothering to think about what was going on with them just now, and hurriedly raised their guns and escorted the two of them towards the wine cellar.

  Afterwards, Antonio turned towards Aman Ramovich, respectfully made a gesture of invitation and spoke, “Mr Aman Ramovich, this way please!”

  Aman Ramovich heart happy flowers, they have long hated Ye Chen hate to death, just do not have the opportunity and courage to kill him, today found a good opportunity to kill with a knife, they can also watch from the sidelines, it is really wonderful.

  Thinking that the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace might launch a crazy revenge on Antonio in the future, he gave Antonio a slightly sympathetic look and said with a smile, “Antonio, it seems like you’re going to impress me today.”

  As if he was a soldier praised by a general, Antonio stood up straight and said with a proud face, “Don’t worry Aman Ramovich, I will definitely impress you today!”

  Aman Ramovich reminded him on the side: “I see that Chinese kid’s body type seems to have practiced, Chinese people are good at Kung Fu, you must be extremely careful!”

  Antonio said disdainfully, “What kind of bullshit kung fu, it’s all a fake trick to fool people, I’ll fight even if jackiechan comes.”

  Aman Ramovich quickly said, “No, no, no, it’s better to be cautious, see if there are any handcuffs, cuff both of his hands, one pair won’t do, at least two pairs, if there are three pairs, it’s even better!”

  Although Antonio didn’t understand why Aman Ramovich was so cautious, but after all, he was a big brother, since the big brother had given the word, he must do the same.

  So, he immediately explained to his men, “Prepare a few pairs of handcuffs, cuff that Chinese brat to me, a few more!”