Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6001

  As soon as Aman Ramovich heard this, he had an idea in his heart, secretly thinking: ”How could I have never thought that Ye Chen and Antonio would be able to pinch each other! Here is Antonio’s manor, is Antonio’s absolute home turf, the entire manor as well as the manor nearby, do not know how many mafia killers ambushed, and Ye Chen line seems to be only two people, in this case, as long as Antonio gave the order, even if it is Ye Chen and then able to fight and so what? Isn’t it still going to be beaten into a hornet’s nest by these assassins?”

  ”As for whether or not the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace would seek revenge on Antonio after Ye Chen’s death, what does that have to do with me? Anyway, I didn’t kill the person, and I didn’t encourage Antonio to kill him, so the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace can’t find my head in any way.”

  ”At that time, when Julia loses her father, she might be vulnerable and in need of comfort, and I’ll just be able to take advantage of the situation and embrace the beauty!”

  ”If Julia can listen to me, let me manipulate her, I can also raise her up, let her take over her father’s position to control the entire New York Mafia, at that time, the New York Mafia is not the same as my own private army?”

  At that thought, Amaramovic tried to restrain the joy in his heart, pointed at Ye Chen, and said to Antonio expressionlessly, “I don’t know this person, whatever personal grudges you guys have, you guys can settle them yourselves.”

  Saying that, he deliberately pointed a hand at Antonio and smiled, “Antonio, I have heard that you Sicilians do things decisively and dryly, and never shy away from anything, today it is just the right time to take this opportunity to let me open my eyes, I am not going to hide it from you, before I came here I also thought about whether or not I would strengthen some economic co-operation with you. But it all depends on whether you really have the guts and knowledge or not.”

  Although Antonio is a big old man, but not a fool, as soon as he heard this he knew Amanlamovich’s intention, and in his heart he could not help but secretly say: “This Russian, speaking in a cloudy and abrasive manner, isn’t his real intention to let me kill someone to show him? You think that Sicilian men are too old to kill with their own hands? Then I’ll kill you today!”

  Thinking of this, he said without thinking, “I originally thought that you, Mr Amaramovic, knew this kid, but since I don’t, then I don’t have any qualms about it, so I’ll just crash this kid with my own hands today to give you a boost!”

  Aman Ramovich smiled and said, “You are the host, I am the guest, I can do whatever I want, everything is at your disposal, if you arrange for me to watch the killing I will watch the killing, if you arrange for me to watch the killing of the chicken I will watch the killing of the chicken.”

  Antonio nodded and said with a smile, “In that case, please move to the wine cellar!”

  After saying that, he said to the men around him, “Take this boy and his followers to the wine cellar, today we will show Mr Amaramovic how our Sicilian men, solve problems!”

  Julia at the side hurriedly said, “Dad, you can’t kill him!”

  Antonio asked in a cold voice, “He offended me and did not give me the respect I deserve, this is a great humiliation for the men of Sicily, since he humiliated me, why can’t I kill him?”

  Julia said offhandedly, “I was the one who hit him with my car, I already owed him a debt in my heart, and this whole thing is because of me, if I hadn’t sneaked out, he wouldn’t have fallen into your hands, if you kill him today, I won’t be able to forgive myself for the rest of my life! God won’t forgive me either!”

  Antonio was slightly stunned, then smiled and said, “My child, you can rest assured, God will forgive every son or daughter who comes out of Sicily to make a break for it, and naturally, he will forgive you as well.”

  Ye Chen saw Amaramovich playing with his heart, Antonio and Julia’s father and daughter chatting about God, and was already a bit impatient, so he impatiently said, “Antonio, right? Where the f*ck did you get all that sh*t from? Tell me, where the f*ck is this fucking wine cellar you’re talking about? I’ll go first!”