Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6000

At this moment, Amaramovic’s entire body seemed to have seen a ghost.

  He just couldn’t even dream of thinking that he could actually see that Ye Chen, who was like a fatal star, in New York, in the home of a mafia leader!

  Since the last time the plan to win Helena failed, Ye Chen became a nightmare in the heart of Aman Ramovich.

  Not only because Ye Chen had ruined his plan to marry the royal princess, but more importantly, Ye Chen had also repeatedly smacked himself a dozen times left and right.

  Aman Ramovich although the origin is not high, young also suffered a lot of pain, suffered a lot of crime, but when he became an oligarch, no one will be able to boss him around, let alone hit him, Ye Chen is absolutely unique.

  According to Aman Ramovich’s usual temper, he would definitely find a way to take Ye Chen’s life afterwards.

  But that time, the reason why Aman Ramovich finally chose to hold his tongue, on the one hand, because Ye Chen was, after all, a member of the Ye family in Yanjing, and the assets of the Ye family were quite a bit higher than his own, so of course, he would be more or less scrupulous.

  However, the most important thing was not that the Ye family was richer than himself, but that behind the Ye family there was also a powerful Ten Thousand Dragons Palace.

  However, in Aman Ramovich’s perception, he didn’t know that the entire Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had been subjugated to Ye Chen, and he thought that it was the Ye Family that had given half of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall’s assets in exchange for the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall’s forgiveness and blessing.

  So in his heart, he was more or less looking down on the Ye Family.

  This kind of feeling might be like when a landlord met a traitor, in his heart, although he despised the other party for being a traitor and a dog-fighter, but due to the power behind the other party, he still had to be courteous and respectful.

  Aware of the inability to find Ye Chen seek revenge, Aman Ramovich can only break the teeth to the stomach, then a person grey slipped away from the Nordic countries, pondering this life do not meet with Ye Chen, but did not think that today he came to the United States, just off the plane has not yet found a place to rest in Antonio’s home, and then meet with Ye Chen.

  At this time of Aman Ramovich, heart depressed and angry, before the humiliation all of a sudden and surged to the heart, so that he could not help but clench his fists, will be clenched teeth cackling.

  Antonio on the side, see Aman Ramovich half a long time did not respond, then could not help but ask again: “Mr. Aman Ramovich, you in the end …… do not know this kid?”

  Ye Chen looked at Aman Ramovich with interest, and in his heart, he also began to look forward to his answer.

  Aman Ramovich came back to his senses at this time, but he did not speak immediately, instead, he repeatedly calculated two things in his mind.

  Firstly, why was Ye Chen here? Was he deliberately waiting for himself here, or was it a coincidence?

  Secondly, it looked as if Ye Chen had only brought one follower with him, and Antonio himself wanted his little brother to finish Ye Chen off, so could he himself borrow Antonio’s hand to make this happen, or could he make a clean sweep?

  Amaramovich knows, Antonio this kind of mafia, kills people not dare to say absolutely do not blink, but as long as they confirm that they can afford to mess with the people, they kill up absolutely will not blink.

  And Antonio didn’t seem to have any element of respect for Ye Chen, maybe he didn’t know Ye Chen’s true identity.

  So, he deliberately pointed at Ye Chen and asked Antonio, “Do you know him?”

  Antonio shook his head, “I don’t know him, it’s just that there was a little friction just now, and it got a little bit less pleasant, if you know him, for your sake, the friction between him and I will forget about it, if you are not satisfied, I will make amends and apologise to this gentleman.”

  At this time, Antonio, his heart was also a little drumming, he was also worried that Ye Chen and Aman Ramovich were friends or acquaintances, in case Aman Ramovich blamed him, he himself would not be able to end up in a good place, so he humbled himself and made his attitude clear first, which was also considered as leaving himself a way back.