Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5998

Antonio’s age, although not yet as old as Aman Ramovich, but his heart to be the other’s father-in-law is exceptionally sincere and firm.

In order to curry favour with the best son-in-law candidate in his mind, at this moment he came forward, attentive whispered: “Mr. Aman Ramovich please rest assured, Julia has been waiting for you, she is very worshipful of you, just young, more or less a little shy, if there is any slack later, please Mr. Aman Ramovich do not take it to heart. ”

Aman Ramovich nodded with a slight smile and casually said, “I am more than thirty years older than Miss Julia, so naturally I will give her more tolerance and understanding.”

Antonio was instantly delighted and said repeatedly, “That’s good, that’s good! Mr Amanlamovich, please move inside the manor and chat slowly!”

Aman Ramovich gently nodded his head to show his agreement, and then, accompanied by Antonio, he stepped into the manor’s gate.

As he walked, Amaramovich then surveyed Antonio’s manor and commented lightly, “Antonio, your Zano family’s manor, the area is slightly smaller, and it seems that this is not even considered the Long Island range, right?”

Antonio replied with slight embarrassment, “Mr Amaramovich, I am recently preparing to purchase a new property, but I am still searching everywhere, the houses in the core of Long Island are really a little too expensive, moving is tens of millions of dollars or even hundreds of millions of dollars, our family has been using more money lately, and we can’t really take out so much money all of a sudden. ”

Aman Ramovich nodded, casually said: “want to live in the core of Long Island is not very expensive, I just entrusted the staff to help me buy a set of manor a few days ago, in the best section of Long Island, and the famous Fei family manor is only separated from the road, I was bought to plan to get married with the future if you are interested in any time you can go over to stay. ”

Antonio was overjoyed, and quickly said, “Thank you Mr Amanlamovich!”

Ye Chen who came in first, after listening to the dialogue between the two, looked at Aman Ramovich’s lofty appearance from afar, and couldn’t help but be dumbfounded, he looked towards Julia who was not far away, and shook his head with a wooden smile, and thought to himself, this girl’s appearance and body really had no faults, and it was considered to be more than enough to match Aman Ramovich.

However, this Aman Ramovich is really unlucky enough, twice want to ask for a wife, twice just happened to bump into himself.

Julia saw that Ye Chen was not afraid at this time, instead, he also looked himself up and down in a slightly frivolous manner, and couldn’t help but say with some anger: ”You people don’t know what to be afraid of? My father could really kill you if he starts his fire!”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Don’t worry, your dad doesn’t have this ability, but I really want to peel a layer of skin off him today.”

Julia frowned and asked, “What are you? A member of the Hua Gang?”

Ye Chen shook his head and said, “I’m a Chinese, but not of the Hua Gang.”

Julia said seriously, “Don’t think that this is China, here, as long as my father gives a word, his men will rush to shoot and kill you for him, even if you die, he won’t take any responsibility at all, I’m not being an alarmist, basically every month, someone will die in his hands, if you still want to live, once you see him, you must kneel down and beg for forgiveness, beg for him to forgive and beg for forgiveness, and I’ll try to put in as many good words for you as I can at that time, so maybe he’ll be able to spare your life.”

Ye Chen smiled, “You’re so self-conscious that you still have the time to put in a good word for me?”