Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5997

  The reason why Antonio was able to get into his eyes, the reason is that there is a beautiful daughter.

  Aman Ramovich had gone through many marriages, but they all ended in failure, and after unsuccessfully marrying Helena some time ago, he had not been able to find a suitable woman recently.

  Antonio’s daughter Julia is young and beautiful, and Antonio also threw in the towel, telling Amanlamovic that his daughter is very much admired by him, and if possible, he is willing to marry Julia to him, so that he can feel the warmth of an American home.

  If it was in the past, Aman Ramovich certainly did not look down on a mafia daughter.

  He is, after all, a world-renowned businessman, and the mafia is dirty and smelly in his eyes, and marrying a girl from a mafia family himself would be a self-degradation.

  However, now the situation is special, he in the eyes of Western Europe and Europe and the United States, also become dirty and smelly, not too popular, so with the mafia marriage, for him is not so difficult to accept.

  Moreover, Julia looks really beautiful, young girl of Italian descent, almost one hundred and seventy-eight centimetres tall, such a girl, is simply a hot surname sensation, and the key is young, the good years have just begun, can live with such a young beauty, to Aman Ramovich, or some attraction.

  What’s more, he found someone to investigate Julia’s background, don’t look at her as a mafia family girl, but surprisingly clean, and cleanliness, it is said that up to now even boyfriends have not been handed over, this next let Aman Ramovich look forward to.

  He this old cow usually did not eat less young grass, but this kind of green and green, flawless, and still the first crop of young grass has not been eaten, for him it is a little rare.

  Plus Julia is not a princess of the European royal family, but in the end is also the mafia boss’s daughter, Antonio’s family in the whole of New York’s underground world has a great influence, if you marry her, in New York absolutely horizontal walk, those media will never dare to write another manuscript ironic sarcasm slamming himself, after all, he is the son-in-law of the mafia, who dares to write and report, maybe one day someone will be in the The street shot him.

  So, by marrying Julia and settling down in New York, Amaramovic would be able to live in peace and quiet for a while.

  It was for this reason that he had made Antonio’s home his first stop in America.

  His calculation is, as long as the engagement with Julia and the wedding date, he will buy a mansion in Long Island to settle down, and then married Julia, first dashing a period of time before.

  And Antonio thought is also very simple, the United States this kind of place is not Mexico, is not Colombia, the triad itself can not become the mainstream, so their own in the United States mixed triad, in fact, the ceiling is also very low.

  Although Washington turns a blind eye to the mafia, but the premise is that the mafia can not be too big.

  This feeling was like Washington raising a Shiba Inu, from the time it was first born, there was a category of early mental expectations about its size.

  This dog does not grow big is not bad, once this dog grows into an Akita, Washington does not say that it is raw slaughtered for meat, but also at least a knife to cut it alive from the Akita into a Shiba Inu, if you still dare to develop again, then cut another round, anyway, the frame is a Shiba Inu frame, even if you want to become an elephant, but also want to cut you back.

  So, in this case, he could only look for boosters to help him find a new breakthrough.

  Aman Ramovich, who was rich and powerful and had been abandoned by the entire European and American society, naturally became his best choice.