Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5996

At this time, already more than fifty years old Aman Ramovich, wearing a very decent set of high-grade suits, hairstyle is also very sharp, coupled with the body to maintain a good, at this time completely unable to see half of the traces of middle-aged and old people, looking at forty years of age or so.

  Antonio saw Aman Ramovich the moment, fawning has been deeply engraved in the face, this just also put the word to kill Ye Chen’s mafia, at this moment in front of Aman Ramovich, like a grandpa looking forward to give a candy to eat the grandson.

  Aman Ramovich’s expression at this moment was very bland, as he looked at Antonio, with a slightly condescending stance, he spoke, “Antonio, waiting here so late to greet me, you’ve worked hard.”

  Antonio was flattered and said in a panic, “You’re welcome sir! It is my Antonio’s honour to serve you, as well as the honour of the entire Zano family!”

  Saying that, he hurriedly added: “Mr Aman Ramovich, I have already had a sumptuous dinner prepared, please move to the manor’s banquet hall!”

  Aman Ramovich waved his hand and said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter if it’s a dinner or not, I’ve already eaten on the plane, it’s just that it’s so late, and I still have to work hard for Miss Julia to wait for me, so it’s really a bit embarrassing.”

  Antonio was a human savant, once he heard this, he naturally knew the meaning of Aman Ramovich’s words.

  In fact, his fundamental purpose of inviting Aman Ramovich to his home in New York is also to hope that he can marry his early twenties daughter Julia to Aman Ramovich.

  And Aman Ramovich has learnt a lesson the hard way since his ambition to marry Helena failed last time.

  With his special identity background, in fact, in the whole of Western Europe, are highly ostracised.

  Even his football club was snatched from his hands by the Englishmen on the grounds of justice, under such circumstances, if he still wanted to marry a princess of the European royal family, it was basically impossible.

  Coupled with the localised war in Eastern Europe, his situation in Western Europe became even more difficult.

  Moreover, Western Europe nowadays has become more and more difficult for Amaramovic to mix with, before he was a successful businessman who often appeared in the headlines of the media, now he became a street rat that everyone shouted at.

  In Western Europe, every day there are a variety of attacks, satirical news on the front page, as long as the TV mentioned him on the quasi no good, even if he is psychologically strong, by so many rounds of fish and dragons are also a little unable to carry.

  Moreover, this kind of not to be seen for a long time, Amaramovic himself also feel not much fun.

  So, he pondered for a while, simply give up Western Europe, turn to the United States to change the environment to live.

  Moreover, Aman Ramovich heart also understands his current situation, the entire western society, are not too welcome him, many industries, even if they are everywhere to pull people to invest, but if they say they want to enter the shares, they will also certainly turn themselves away from the door.

  Therefore, Amaramovich then felt, simply come to the United States temporarily to find a suitable place to retire, and by the way, then find himself a suitable temporary new wife.

  America, for him, was a good place to enter and retreat.

  If the situation in Eastern Europe can still be eased, then he will still have the opportunity to return to Western Europe as a successful businessman, if the situation in Eastern Europe is getting worse and worse, simply stay in the United States, relying on the billions of dollars to lie flat in old age.

  It was precisely because he had this idea that he began to look for some mutual co-operation relationships in the United States.

  But after looking around, those who have a certain amount of energy in the United States, in addition to the Mafia, almost no one is willing to get close to him.