Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5994

In Antonio’s opinion, a guy like Ye Chen, who wanted money but not life, was simply a fancy way to die.

He had already shown his mafia identity, and he still wanted to ask for money, wasn’t this asking for money without a life?

What’s more, how could he possibly give him the money?

You know, although you are worth more than a hundred million, but every cent in here is your own hard-earned money that you have worked so hard and pulled out of the pockets of the people at the bottom, and for an outsider to want to walk away with a single cent is to ask for one’s life.

Originally, he was also afraid that Ye Chen had already reported to the police, the police were in front of him, although he had killed countless people, but now, after all, he began to clear his name, how could he take action against this boy in front of the police.

But who could have expected that this kid would take the initiative to go into the house with himself to get the money, isn’t this just a wolf in a tiger’s mouth?

As long as into their own door, not in the eyes of the police, directly let his men killed him, and then faked a scene of his theft at home, the police came to say that this person attempted to steal by their own men shot dead, as long as a reliable lawyer, the probability of not having to go to jail, even if the lawyer played a malfunction, sentenced to real punishment, squatting in jail is also their own little brother, and their own have no relationship.

Therefore, from the moment Ye Chen said he wanted to go in with him, he had already made up his mind not to let Ye Chen come out alive.

At this moment, those few policemen also knew that once Ye Chen went in, the probability was that it would be very bad, so one of the policemen kindly reminded him, “This gentleman, I advise you to solve any problems outside, don’t go in.”

Saying that, he added, “Also, I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask for a million dollars for this matter sir, it’s obviously an unreasonable asking price, so I’d advise you to accept the 10,000 dollar offer.”

Ye Chen naturally knew the intentions of the police, and also knew that they were acting out of good intentions, but for him, the name of the play he was going to put on for Antonio today was called a play to die for, so of course he himself was going to walk down one path to the black.

So, he said to the police, “Sorry, I won’t accept the $10,000 offer, I insist on claiming $1 million!”

After saying that, he turned his head to Antonio and spoke, “Go, go inside, I’ll wait for you to get the money together.”

The police officer had no choice but to ask Ye Chen once again, “Sir, if you have reached an agreement and have no objections, then we are going to withdraw, do you have any other questions?”

“Nope.” Ye Chen smiled slightly, “Thank you, comrade police officers.”

The several American police officers heard the title of comrade and looked puzzled, then a few of them looked at each other, inserted their guns back into their holsters, and returned to their cars, driving away.

As soon as the police left, Antonio changed his face, his false smile quickly dispersed, and what came up instead, was a cold face full of killing intent.

He stretched out his hand and pointed contemptuously at Ye Chen, and then pointed at Keung Chai who was not far away, and said to his men, “Take these two VIPs to the wine cellar, after I finish entertaining the VIPs, I will personally go and have a chat with them!”

When Antonio said the word VIP, Ye Chen even heard the sound of him gritting his teeth.

However, at this moment, Ye Chen was not worried in the slightest, instead, he said with a disgruntled expression, “Inviting people to the wine cellar, is that your Italian Mafia’s way of hospitality?”

“Invite?” The corner of Antonio’s mouth twitched as he said with a cold and incomparable expression, “Today I will let you feel what the true Sicilian hospitality is!”

Julia, who was under control, was very nervous at this time and said to Ye Chen, “He’ll kill you, go now, don’t stay here!”