Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5993

Not far away, Keung Chai held up his mobile phone at this time and spoke, “I’ve already broadcasted it live on the video website! I’ve also explained that my friends recorded the screen, and they’ll post the video on more video sites later!”

Once the officer heard this, he coughed awkwardly and said to Antonio, “You’ve seen the situation today, firstly, you have to settle this matter properly, and secondly, whoever pulled out the gun must go back with me to be investigated.”

Antonio was about to explode with anger.

How could he have imagined that he was being blackmailed and taken on the doorstep of his own house.

The key itself is not doing anything about it now.

At this time, his beloved came up to him and whispered, “Boss, the VIP will be here soon.”

Antonio was instantly a little nervous.

He didn’t want the VIP to come and then first see himself at the door with someone pulling the wool over his eyes.

The key was still the disgraceful matter of his daughter hitting someone with her car and not being willing to pay for it.

Helplessly, he could only nod his head and pull that henchman over, personally pulling his pistol from his waist and throwing it on the ground, then pushing him to the police and opening his mouth, “You guys take him away.”

After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen again and spoke, “You want 100,000 US dollars right, wait, I’ll let someone get it for you.”

When the policeman heard this, he was dumbfounded and looked at Ye Chen, and asked offhandedly, “You asked him for 100,000 US dollars?”

“Right.” Ye Chen said with a face that took it for granted, “My lost wages are very high, 100,000 US dollars is already cheap for him.”

The policeman swallowed and asked, “You shouldn’t know who he is, right?”

Ye Chen bristled, “Do I need to know?”

The policeman looked at Ye Chen with a sympathetic face, and said seriously, “Listen, this person is called Antonio Zano, we are here, of course he won’t do anything to you, but after we leave, you have to think about it at your own discretion, I advise you not to knock him off, your car isn’t that expensive, even with the car repair and the cost of lost wages, ten thousand dollars is enough.”

Ye Chen said disdainfully, “What Antonio Zano, never heard of, besides, I earn a day do not know how much money, to ask him 100,000 U.S. dollars would have been to give him face, after a discount discounted price, what else is he not satisfied?”

Antonio also confused, he really did not think that this guy so emboldened, such a death act, is simply his own life only seen.

So, he then said to Ye Chen, “Since the officer is also here, don’t give me a discount, how much is the original price, tell me what it is.”

Ye Chen was also not the least bit afraid, and said indifferently, “The original price is at least one million!”

Antonio nodded his head and gritted his teeth, “You are really ballsy, let’s do it this way, you want one million in cash, I may not be able to get it out, you leave me a contact and address, after one million comes together, I’ll send it over to you.”

Ye Chen said disdainfully, “Living in such a big villa, one million still need to get together, don’t you mind being ashamed?”

The policeman only felt a buzz in his brain, fortunately he didn’t understand Chinese, otherwise he must say a good word is hard to persuade the damn ghost.

Antonio was also about to explode with anger.

It’s like the chairman of a listed group met a small security guard in the car park, you say a thousand words, with a stick, coercion, but he is not into the salt, hard and soft, just not let you enter!

So, he held back his anger and asked Ye Chen: “So, what do you say to solve it, I’ll listen to you.”

Ye Chen nodded and pointed to his manor, saying, “I’ll go to your house and wait, you gather enough money to give me one million, I’ll take the money and leave, and this matter will be finished.”

Antonio asked in surprise, “You mean, you’re going to go in and wait?”

“Right.” Ye Chen nodded and said rightfully, “Of course I’m going to wait in your house, otherwise what am I going to do if you close the door and hide from me?”

Antonio instantly laughed and said, “Good, since you’ve said so, then please come in and sit for a moment, I’ll arrange for someone to raise the money!”