Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5988

The girl inside said helplessly to a fault, “Okay, you’re right about everything, now please leave, I need a little time to freshen up!”

Antonio said in a cold voice, “I’ll give you ten minutes, and for those ten minutes, I’ll wait for you here!”

The girl had to say, “Whatever you want, no one is stopping you if you want to wait.”

Antonio sneered and reminded, “Julia, I advise you better not try to climb the window to escape, because outside your window I have already arranged manpower to keep an eye on there, once you climb out of the window, they will catch you and directly bring you to the car to send you to the airport!”

The girl was instantly furious: “You bastard!”

Antonio didn’t get angry even after being scolded by his daughter, and said smilingly, “Remember, Giulia, a Sicilian girl, lives her life for the sake of the family! By betraying the family, you are bringing shame to my face, I would rather have you shear sheep in Sicily for the rest of your life, but I definitely can’t let you become a disgrace to the family.”

The girl roared hysterically, “Antonio Zano! I hate you!”

Antonio said, “You can hate me, Giulia, but remember 。。。。。。”

Without waiting for Antonio to speak, the girl inside shouted, “Sicilian girl, all her life for the family! I already know that! Don’t you say another word!”

Antonio smiled and said, “It’s good that you know!”

Ten minutes later, the door to the room opened and a stunningly beautiful girl with a tall figure, brown hair, green eyes, and a white evening gown, walked out of the room.

This girl, was Antonio’s daughter, Julia Zano.

Seeing his daughter in full dress, Antonio couldn’t help but praise, “God, Julia you are definitely the most beautiful girl in Sicily!”

Julia said with a disgusted face, “I’m not a Sicilian girl, I was born in New York, and I’ve spent less than half a year in Sicily in my life! And I don’t want to have anything to do with that shithole in the future!”

The corners of Antonio’s mouth rose slightly as he smiled and said, “Giulia, you’re still young, sooner or later, one day you’ll be like me, deeply proud of having Sicilian blood flowing in your body!”

Julia said with a disgusted look on her face, “Then I’d rather go to the hospital and change all the blood in my body!”

Antonio shook his head and sighed, “Your rebellious period is a bit longer than I expected, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you obediently comply with my arrangement, I won’t bother with you.”

Julia didn’t say anything else and followed Antonio to the main hall of the manor, her eyes kept looking around for something.


Time passed by minute by minute.

A few minutes later, in the darkness outside the manor, Keung Chai couldn’t help but ask Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, what exactly are we waiting for?”

Ye Chen smiled, “Waiting for an opportunity.”

Strong Boy was surprised and asked, “What opportunity?”

Ye Chen, who was on the side, suddenly flashed a light in his eyes as he pointed at a black car that drove out from within the Zano Manor and smiled, “That one is the opportunity!”

With that, he switched on the lights and drove the car out with a kick of the accelerator.

And in that black car, Julia, who was wearing a long white evening dress, drove the car outwards with her hands full.

She had just deliberately found an opportunity to break the hem of her skirt, and then used the excuse of dealing with the hem to escape from the main hall, and then she searched for this black sedan with no key removed in the courtyard.

At this moment, she had absolutely no idea where she was supposed to go, and only thought of grabbing the time to escape from this place before anyone reacted.