Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5987

In the meantime.

Ye Chen drove the inconspicuous Chevrolet, carrying the nervous and apprehensive Keung Chai to the outskirts of Zano Manor.

The two of them could see from the outside that the inside of Zano Manor was very lively at this time, the entire manor was brilliantly lit, and a large number of mafia members wearing black suits stood straight on both sides of the doorway, seeming to be waiting for some important person.

Ye Chen looked at these from afar, and couldn’t help but laugh, “It seems like we’re here today, this Zano family looks like it has some major activities.”

Keung Chai swallowed his saliva and asked Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, there are at least several hundred people here at a glance, do the two of us really want to go in and make things happen?”

Ye Chen laughed, “Didn’t I say, I’m going to put on a show with them, later on, you’ll follow me, what do you do when I say it, look at my eyes and act.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “But if you’re really worried, it’s fine if I go by myself.”

Without thinking, Keung Chai said, “Mr Ye, I am indeed worried, but I am not afraid! As long as you say to do something, I will do it!”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and spoke, “Let’s wait for a good time.”


At this moment, within the Zano Manor.

Antonio paced to the door of his daughter Julia’s room, he paced in front of the door for a few moments, but still went up and knocked on the door.

“Julia, it’s me, dad.”

Inside the room, there was no response.

Antonio had no choice but to patiently say outside the door, “Giulia, you have to know that our Sicilian tradition is that everything is for the sake of the family, I am sitting in this position today, not for my personal honour and wealth, everything is for the future of our Zano family, and I hope that you can also be like me, and will always put the family’s interests in the first place! ”

In the room, a young girl angrily rebuked, “Everything for the sake of the family is just your personal thoughts and wishes, you can’t impose your personal thoughts and wishes on me! If that’s the case, I would rather leave this family!”

Antonio said angrily, “Listen to the bastard words you are saying! Don’t forget that you’re a girl with Sissy Islander blood in your bones! A girl from Sisi Island, even if she marries and changes her surname, she should never forget her family! The brand of the family is left in the blood, bones and soul of every Sissi Islander!”

“Screw your family brand!” The girl said in exasperation, “As of today, I’m changing to my mother’s surname! I am no longer Julia Zano! I am Julia Ziricella! I got tired of the Zano surname a long time ago!”

“How dare you!” Antonio, furious, slapped hard on the door and roared, “Giulia, if you have to go against me, then I’ll send you to Sicily, to your cousin’s farm, overnight, so that you can shave there for the rest of your life!”

The girls in the room fell instantly silent.

Antonio’s mood was not calmed in any way, and when he saw that his daughter was not responding, he continued to growl aggressively and angrily, “Giulia, don’t you think that this will go away if you don’t speak! I’ll give you three seconds to think about it, if you’re sure you want to go against me, then I’ll arrange for you to go to the airport right now!”

With that, he raised his volume a few notches and shouted, “One! Two!”

The girl in the room nervously shouted, “Okay, okay! I’ll listen to you! I’ll listen to you!”

Antonio then eased up a little and said in a cold voice, “That’s more like it! Remember! A Sicilian girl, all her life for the family!”