Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5986

On the contrary, after splitting up the illegal trade and giving it to those vestigial gangs below that seem to have no connection with the Zano family, they have secretly been pushing those gangs to take over New York and even the entire East Coast, so as to increase their sphere of influence and boost their illegal income.

On the other hand, the Zano family, under the leadership of Antonio Zano, the leader of this generation, is doing its best to whitewash its own identity, and cutting its head towards the high society.

Antonio Zano knew very well that the more powerful the upper class, the more they needed a tool like the mafia to get their hands on.

However, hypocritical as they were, they wouldn’t allow themselves to explicitly have any cooperation with the mafia.

This also meant that the first thing a mafia family would need to do to get their favours was to clean themselves up.

To put it plainly, what the high society nowadays needs is not a night pot that is hidden under the bed and cannot be seen by anyone, what they need is a toilet seat that can be placed in the toilet in a bright and clean manner and does not have a slight odour when smelling it.

The traditional mafia is a dirty and smelly night pot, so Antonio Zano would like to lead the Zano family to complete the metamorphosis from a night pot to a toilet.

At this time Antonio Zano, is his own manor commanding the family members as well as beloved henchmen, the manor is arranged extremely grand.

Today, he was going to receive an honourable guest from afar in his own manor.

In order to meet this guest, all members of the Zano family put down their hands early, rushed home to prepare, this time to invite the guest, the next step in the development of the Zano family is extremely important, if we can reach a co-operation, then the Zano family will be on a higher level.

Inside the main hall of Zano Manor, a large dining table of more than ten metres in length had been set up, and the table was decorated with flowers flown in from France, as well as the best crystal tableware, metal knives and forks.

Forty-seven year old Antonio looked at the maids busy, everything was arranged in an orderly manner, his face was filled with anticipation.

At this moment, his seven or eight siblings, as well as their children and their children’s spouses, were all dressed up and ready, and they all came forward to greet Antonio.

Antonio fully played the role of an elder, and he greeted everyone cordially and gentlemanly.

After almost all of his immediate family lined up to say hello, the only person who was not seen was his twenty-two year old daughter, Antonio couldn’t help but ask his brother beside him, “Marco, where’s Julia?”

Marco Zano hurriedly said, “Brother, I haven’t seen Julia all evening.”

“That child!” Antonio said with dissatisfaction, “She has been obedient all her life, how come this is the only time she has to go against me! Doesn’t she realise how perfect the life I have planned for her is?”

Marco Zano complimented, “Brother, after all, Julia is still young and lacks social experience, give her a little more time and she will not only understand your good intentions, she will even be grateful to you!”

“Hmm!” Antonio gently nodded, then he straightened his suit, shirt and bow tie, and asked Marco in a very conceited manner, “How is it? Do I look like The Godfather now?”

“Yes, of course it does!” Marco praised, “Brother, in the whole of America, and even the whole of Europe and America, no one is closer to Marlon Brando than you!”

Antonio nodded slightly and smiled blandly, “I, Antonio Zano, will definitely become the most successful Godfather that Sicily has ever seen!”

At this time, Antonio’s youngest brother, Francisco, ran over and respectfully said, “Brother, your guest’s plane has landed at JFK Airport! It is expected to arrive at the estate in forty minutes!”

“Very well!” Antonio somewhat couldn’t hold back the excitement in his heart and said in a loud voice, “Whether we can go to the next level or not, it depends on tonight!”

After saying that, he carefully smoothed his hairstyle with the palm of his hand and spoke, “You guys keep an eye here, I’ll go find Julia!”