Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5985

A plan had already arisen in Ye Chen’s mind as he spoke.

New York had come on this trip, so there were some problems, so let’s simply solve them thoroughly.

This Zano family, since the tentacles extended to Chinatown, extended to the shop that Uncle Zhong has been working hard for decades, then don’t blame yourself for not being polite.

So, he opened his mouth and said to Keung Chai, “Keung Chai go and change this chef’s clothes and go out with me.”

Keung Tsai looked at the five Burning Angel members and quickly asked, “Mr Ye, what about them? How about I finish them off first! One shot at a time, never waste a single bullet!”

The five people were shivering in fear, never expecting that the little cook who was bullied by them to the point where they didn’t dare to fart, was now determined to finish off all five of them!

Ye Chen saw that Keung Chai’s expression was firm and resolute, he smiled slightly and said, “It’s too early to kill them now, let Uncle Zhong and Ni Dawei keep an eye on them first, and then it’s not too late to kill them after we finish the business.”

Chen Zhao Zhong hurriedly asked, “Young Master, what are your plans? Is there anything that I need my subordinates to do?”

Ye Chen laughed, “No need Uncle Zhong, after Keung Chai and I leave in a while, you close the shop and wait here for us to come back, if there are any ungrateful people who come to look for trouble in the meantime, you can use these five as hostages and then call Ke Xin immediately.”

In New York, there was nothing Fei Ke Xin couldn’t handle.

Not to mention some gangsters in the district, even the Zano family, in front of Fei Ke Xin, they were not even a fart.

However, Ye Chen did not want Fei Ke Xin to help.

Once she stepped in, this matter would not be so interesting.

However, Ye Chen also knew that he was distracted, and if he took Strong Boy to meet the Zano family, he would have to guard against the Roasted Goose Shop being targeted by the rest of the Burning Angels.

Chen Zhaozhong naturally knew Ye Chen’s intentions and nodded gently.

Ye Chen then asked Ni Dawei: “You have also been hanging out in New York for many years, do you know the specifics of the Zano family? For example, where do they live, how many people do they have, and what is the name of the person in charge.”

Ni Dawei quickly said, “The Zano family lives near Long Island, there is a Zano manor, the mafia are more able to live, the family direct members have a large population, it is estimated that there are at least thirty to fifty people, and now the patriarch of the Zano family is Antonio Zano.”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and said to Chen Zhao Zhong, “Uncle Zhong, I will take Keung Chai to go to this Zano Manor, if everything goes well, come back within two hours.”

Chen Zhao Zhong hurriedly said, “Young Master be more careful!”


The Zano family from Sicily had been reigning supreme in New York for decades.

The family has been in the Mafia for generations, and the family’s family token, which has been offered for decades, is a Thompson submachine gun from the World War II era.

It is said that when the old Zano Zano family, the old Zano, sold the assets of Sicily to New York, is relying on a Thompson submachine gun gradually in the United States to stand firm in the underworld.

And that has a Chicago typewriter known as the sub-machine gun, then became the Zano family spirit of inheritance, it is said that until the year before last, this sub-machine gun are hung in the Zano manor hall wall C position, until a new generation of Zano leader decided to whitewash, only to the gun from the wall off.

Taking the gun off, however, doesn’t mean that the Zano family is going to wash their hands of it.