Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5984

“The basic structure of this organisation is to first send out a whole bunch of underclass gangs to continuously expand their sphere of influence across the country, after they choose a neighbourhood, they will entrench themselves in that neighbourhood, and then through violent means, they will quickly gain absolute occupation of that neighbourhood, after they have completed their occupation, the team specialising in selling drug racks will expand their business into the newly occupied territories by the underclass gangs, and directly monopolise the drug racks in that area. and directly monopolise the drug rack trade in this area, and the bottom gangs that have occupied their spheres of influence first will also provide cover as well as security for these drug dealers.”

Ye Chen nodded and smacked his lips, “I get it, it means that the robbers are sent to rob a car first, and after robbing the people and finances in the car, then they drive the car, carrying another wave of people and the drug racks, and go to the destination to sell them and make a bigger profit.”

“Right.” Chen Zhaozhong said, “However, those who take this ride are not just drug dealers, apart from monopolising the drug bays, they will also monopolise the casinos within their area of influence as well as the flesh business, within their monopoly, they do not allow other people to open underground casinos and loan-sharking; moreover, they will also import a group of women of the wind to monopolise the flesh business within this area, other flesh organisations or individual practitioners, must all stop picking up customers.”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but smack his lips, “This kind of play can indeed maximise the use of resources, and the various links can also check and balance each other, it’s much more secure than handing over all these businesses to a gang to operate, it seems that this Zano family really does have a couple of tricks up their sleeves.”

Chen Zhaozhong nodded and said, “The most powerful thing about the Zano family is that they hardly step forward to do any illegal and criminal things, and they themselves have almost no involvement with these illegal and criminal businesses on the surface, which is completely different from the previous Italian mafia:”

“In the previous Italian mafia, when they killed someone, they had to jump out, beat their chests and tell everyone, I killed this person, whereas the Zano family’s way of playing the game is that after commanding a kill, they let the murderer leave the body in front of their own house, and then they call the police at the first opportunity to tell the police that someone has died in front of their own house, and they also take the initiative of handing over all the surveillance recordings to the police, making it seem as though he wants the police more than the police to solve the case as soon as possible.”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “Uncle Zhong, are you telling the truth, or are you making an analogy?”

“It really happened.” Chen Zhao Zhong said, “Last year, the patriarch of another Italian mafia family, while waiting for a red light, was beaten into a hornet’s nest by four gunmen with submachine guns from two directions, and then one of the gunmen went so far as to transport the body of that patriarch to the entrance of the Zano family’s manor, and the Zano family called the police at the first time, and not only took the initiative to expose to the outside world the security camera footage of the gunmen dropping the body, but also even declared to the outside world that the Zano family had been framed and offered a reward of one million dollars to help the police catch the culprit;”

“But in fact, that family is the Zano family’s biggest competitor, both sides were competing for cocaine supplies from Colombia and the right to act as a distribution agent in New York and even the entire East Coast, if whoever succeeds in getting the right to act as an agent, there will be at least hundreds of millions of US dollars in profit a year, so everyone knows that the person must have been killed by the Zano family, just didn’t think that the Zano family, will After killing the person, they also dragged the body to the gate of their own manor, and sang a play through the other party’s corpse.”

Ye Chen smiled and nodded, saying faintly, “Since this Zano Family’s people love to sing theatre so much, then we’ll put on a show for them as well!”