Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5983

Ni Dawei was mortified when he heard this.

He really didn’t think highly of Keung Chai, what’s more, Ye Chen was also a fresh face who appeared out of nowhere, and he didn’t believe that Ye Chen had the strength to help himself, or to help Keung Chai, to revive the Hua Gang under the oppression of the Burning Angel.

However, he had to admit one thing, and that was that Keung Chai, a young man who had not been involved in the world, did have more guts than himself.

Although in his heart, he did not quite believe in Ye Chen’s ability, but Ni Dawei also had his own concerns, if he decided to reject Ye Chen, then he could only continue to hide, and it would be impossible for him to turn his life around in this life.

However, if he cooperates with Ye Chen, there may be a little chance to turn around.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but look at Chen Zhaozhong on the side.

In his opinion, Chen Zhaozhong was a remarkable character.

Although he had been bored in this shop making roast goose for so many years, he was definitely one of the smartest people in Chinatown, and since even he believed in Ye Chen, it proved that Ye Chen must be more powerful than he thought.

So, he made up his mind and said to Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, I’m willing to co-operate with you, whatever you need me to do, just order!”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “Introduce me to this Burning Angel, including the Italians behind them what exactly are they all about?”

Ni Dawei hurriedly said, “Burning Angel is a gang that was just established in these years, but its predecessor was a merger of several small gangs in New York, the reason why it was able to merge is mainly the Italian mafia behind it, the Italians are deeply rooted in the United States, and after gradually washing their hands of whitewash over the years, they threw the dirty work to the support of the new gang, and at least more than fifty per cent of the profits of these new gangs are to be handed over to the Italians. that all go to the Italians.”

Saying that, Ni Dawei added: “Most of the Italian mafia in the United States is family-based, and the more well-known ones used to be the Five Great Families, but now the strongest is actually the Zano family outside of the Five Great Families, and the Burning Angels are the ones that owe their allegiance to the Zano family.”

Ye Chen said, “They have this Zano family as an endorsement, and then the money they earn is then divided by more than half to the Zano family, that is strictly speaking, they specialise in low-end market sub-brands, and the Zano family is still the absolute controlling majority shareholder.”

Ni Dawei nodded and said, “Mr Ye is also right to understand it this way, such gangs, in fact, there are many more under the hands of the Zano family, the members of the Burning Angels, most of them are of African descent with a relatively low level of education, so their main business is to grab land and collect protection money, there are also several other organisations that are engaged in some slightly higher-end industries, such as those contraband that have high profits .”

Chen Zhaozhong, who was at the side, introduced to Ye Chen, “The current generation of Zano Family’s head is very smart, they have taken the original one pass to the end of the business, and meticulously split it into multiple segments, and then handed different segments to different organisations to be in charge of, and then the organisations cooperate with each other, check and balance each other, and guard each other against each other.”

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows and said, “Uncle Zhong, you give a detailed introduction.”

Chen Zhao Zhong explained, “My viewpoint is also what I synthesised myself based on some of the information circulating in the outside world when I was here before, as well as what I’ve seen and heard myself, it may not be accurate, but it shouldn’t be too far off either.”

After saying that, Chen Zhaozhong then seriously said, “In fact, the Zano family’s biggest source of income has always been the smuggling and sales of drug bays, they have a gang dedicated to smuggling, a gang dedicated to sales, as well as a lot of underbelly gangs like Burning Angels that are stealing territories all over the United States.”