Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5982

Ye Chen looked at Keung Chai and said very seriously, “Keung Chai, if you fired your gun, you still have two paths to choose from, the first path, I will arrange for someone to send you out of the United States overnight, and like you said, don’t ever come back.”

Saying this, Ye Chen gave a slight beat, and his tone was raised a few points, continuing, “As for the second path, it is to stay here and kill more people who deserve to be killed!”

With a blank expression, Keung Chai asked Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, what do you mean by the second path?”

Ye Chen said with a serious expression and firm tone, “Stay here, I will help you form a new Hua Gang, and from today onwards, anyone who insults you, kill them! Anyone who insults your hands and feet, or your compatriots, you will also kill them!”

Keung Chai’s entire body froze on the spot, after hesitating for a few seconds, his eyes gradually became resolute and he nodded heavily, “Mr Ye! I choose the second one!”

Ye Chen reminded, “Once you choose the second one, I’m afraid you’ll never be able to turn back in your life, are you really sure you want to choose that?”

Without thinking, Keung Chai said, “Mr Ye, I’m sure!”

After that, he glanced at Ni Da Wei and said seriously, “Brother Da Wei is a good man, but he is not suitable to lead the Chinese gang, I have been in Chinatown all these years, I have seen the Chinese gang getting weaker and weaker, my compatriots getting older and more scattered, and the foreign devils getting more and more aggressive, so my heart is really not willing to do so! If I have the opportunity to lead the Chinese gang, I will do my best to make the Chinese gang develop and grow, so that it will become an existence that no one dares to mess with in New York or even in the whole of the United States!”

Ye Chen nodded and looked at Chen Zhaozhong, asking, “Uncle Zhong, what do you mean?”

Chen Zhaozhong sighed lightly and spoke, “Since Keung Chai has already made his own choice, then my subordinate will naturally support him, I understand Keung Chai’s character, he is decisive and dry in his work, he is bold, he is indeed more suitable to lead the Hua Gang than David, and with the young master’s help, my subordinate is also confident that Keung Chai will be able to open up roads and bridges in every situation with the young master’s help!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly.

He could see that Chen Zhaozhong did not want Keung Chai to follow this path.

However, he believed that Chen Zhaozhong must also be able to see the same as himself, and could see that deep down, Keung Chai had already made a choice long ago.

So, he looked at Ni Da Wei, who had an awkward expression, and asked, “What does Mr Ni mean?”

Ni Da Wei coughed twice and stammered, “Nowadays, members of the Hua Gang are dead and fleeing, Mr Ye wants to support Keung Chai to become the boss of the Hua Gang, but with only him as a bare-knuckle commander, I’m afraid that it will be difficult to develop 。。。。。。”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice: “Mr Ni, looking down on yourself and singing about others will only reduce you to a self-pitying whiner, it will lower your horizons, pull down your pattern, and reduce you to a worthless piece of trash, think about it carefully, if Keung Chai fails, what’s in it for you? Can it let you walk out of the hair salon with confidence and boldness? Can it make you become a big brother of the Chinese gang again and reign supreme in Chinatown?”

Ye Chen said this, and without waiting for Ni Da Wei to reply, he continued, “I’m telling you, it won’t! If Keung Chai fails, you will either never leave your lover’s hair salon for the rest of your life, or you will be able to return to Chinatown for the rest of your life! And you will never, in this lifetime, have another chance to turn over a new leaf!”

With that, Ye Chen looked at him and asked rhetorically, “What if Keung Chai succeeds? If you take a step back, you will still be able to continue living in Chinatown in a dignified manner, if you take a step forward, you might even be able to become the core backbone of the Hua Gang, which is the lesser of the two, which is better or worse, I believe you have your own considerations!”

When Ni Da Wei heard this, he was ashamed in his heart.

He really didn’t think highly of Keung Chai, not to mention, Ye Chen