Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5981

Ye Chen’s words instantly made the five people, including Will Johnson, scared out of their wits!

How could they have thought, their own humiliation was Ye Chen tortured until now, originally also hoped that Ye Chen can let himself a way out, but who could have thought, Ye Chen even found the boss of the Chinese gang, and even authorised them to kill themselves.

The five people were terrified, Will Johnson said with a mouth full of blood and slurred, “Mr Ye 。。。。。。 We have done what you asked, please spare our lives 。。。。。。”

Ye Chen laughed, “If begging for mercy works, there is no chance of getting anyone’s blood and life on your hands, think back to those people you killed, did they beg you before they died?”

After saying that, Ye Chen didn’t pay attention to Will Johnson, but shoved the gun directly into Ni Dawei’s hands, and said in a cold voice, “What are you still standing there for?”

Looking at the pistol in front of him, Ni Da Wei’s expression was extraordinarily struggling.

To the Burning Angel, Ni Da Wei naturally had a deep hatred.

However, when Ye Chen really handed the gun to him, he began to get inexplicably nervous again.

He had been crawling around and mixing with the Hua Gang for many years, and although he had often fought with others, but to kill someone with his own hands, this was still something that had never happened before.

Ye Chen suddenly handed him the gun and reminded him that there were five rounds of bullets in the gun, his intention was more than obvious, that is, for him to pick up the gun and kill all five of his enemies one by one.

Ni Da Wei couldn’t help but start to worry in his heart, he was thinking that if he really shot and killed these five people here, then for the rest of his life, would he have to live a hard life under the pursuit of the police as well as the Burning Angel.

After all, he didn’t think for a second that the Hua Gang had any chance of winning in front of the Burning Angel.

Even a Burning Angel he couldn’t hold back at all, not to mention the Italians behind the Burning Angel.

However, Ye Chen’s words just now did deeply stimulate him.

Hua Gang, under his leadership, failed to get out of Chinatown, even so, and now he was also killed by the other side of the armour, and now the entire Chinatown has completely become the territory of the Burning Angels, and if he runs away from this, Hua Gang will also completely become history.

At that time, not only those dead brothers die in peace, even the whole Chinatown traders will be greatly negatively affected.

For a while, Ni Da Wei experienced the entanglement and struggle that he had never experienced in his life.

When Ye Chen saw him hesitate again and again, he was already somewhat disappointed in his heart, and said in a cold voice: “Courageless, hesitant, indecisive, and indecisive! Having a boss like you is really a great pity for the Hua Gang, and even the entire Chinatown!”

Ni Dawei was instantly ashamed, but he still didn’t make a choice before the two.

Just when he didn’t know what to do, Keung Chai, who was on the side, suddenly walked up to Ye Chen, stretched out a hand, and said firmly, “Mr Ye, give me the gun, I’ll do it!”

Chen Zhaozhong was slightly stunned, looking at him with a slightly furrowed brow, he asked, “Keung Chai, if you kill someone, you may not be able to stay in the United States any longer.”

“It doesn’t matter Uncle Zhong!” Keung Chai clenched his fists and said seriously, “Uncle Zhong, if I don’t solve them, I can only stay in the US and continue to be bullied and oppressed by them! What’s more, they themselves deserve to be killed! Moreover, I myself am an illegal immigrant who is black in the US, so the big deal is to kill them and find a boat to leave the US! I’d rather never come back, but I can’t take this!”

After saying that, he clenched his teeth and snapped, “Only, before I leave the United States, I must put my life on the line to kill a few more of them! Avenge the dead compatriots in Chinatown!”

Chen Zhaozhong wanted to say something, but he held back when the words reached his mouth, only subconsciously looking at Ye Chen, waiting for him to speak.