Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5980

Ye Chen coldly said, “So what if there are several thousand people? I’ve never heard of a gangland firefight with thousands of people happening in the US, can he still kill his way into Chinatown with thousands of people?”

Ni Da Wei said awkwardly, “Mr Ye you don’t know 。。。。。。 These guys are extremely ruthless, killing several core members of our Hua Gang both openly and secretly, the brothers are scared in their hearts, and one by one, they all beat a retreat 。。。。。。”

Ye Chen asked him, “How many of you did the Burning Angel kill?”

Ni Dawei said offhandedly, “They killed eleven of our brethren!”

Ye Chen frowned and asked again, “How many of them did you kill?”

Ni Da Wei shook his head dismally, “Not a single one 。。。。。。”

Saying that, Ni Da Wei hurriedly explained again, “We are after all an alien minority gang in New York, we can’t fight a local snake like them, so we didn’t want to fight with them in a firefight in the first place, and they have also let slip the word that if we dare to move their people, move one, they will kill us ten times 。。。。。。”

Ye Chen frowned and spoke, “What’s wrong with minority gangs? The gangs in Korea, Vietnam, and Algeria are also gangs made up of minorities, and they were beaten by the Burning Angels just like you guys?”

“This 。。。。。。” Ni Dawei dodged Ye Chen’s aggressive eyes and stammered, “For the time being, I haven’t heard that they had any conflicts with the Burning Angels 。。。。。。”

Ye Chen pointed at the five people and asked Ni Da Wei, “Then have you thought about it? Why is it that this gang doesn’t dare to bully the Korean gangs or the Vietnamese gangs, but instead comes to bully you guys?”

Ni Da Wei pursed his lips and lowered his head in shame.

Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Ye Chen turned to ask that Will Johnson, “Come on, Will, tell me, why don’t you guys go to Koreatown to grab territory? Instead, you want to come to Chinatown?”

Will Johnson said with trepidation, “Because 。。。。。。 Because the Koreans have too much firepower 。。。。。。 Since 1992, we’ve rarely clashed head-on with the Koreans 。。。。。。”

Ye Chen nodded and turned to Ni Dawei, “Do you know why they haven’t dared to mess with the Koreans since ’92?”

Ni Da Wei said shamefully, “I 。。。。。。 I know 。。。。。。 The Koreans did spell some fame in America back then 。。。。。。”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “You also know that they spelled out their fame with their lives, so why don’t you, as the boss of the Hua Gang, dare to take your brothers to the end with them? Don’t forget, behind you stands not only your nearly hundred brothers, but also the whole Chinatown those compatriots who rely on you for protection, they are the ones who paid you protection fee, when something happens and you run away, what do you let them do?”

Ni Dawei was red in the face and ears at this time, and could not wait to bury his head into the ground.

Ye Chen, on the other hand, continued to question, “Have you thought about it, if you guys back down, the entire Chinatown traders will just be at their mercy, and in the future, everyone will know that the Chinatown traders are easy to bully, and everyone will treat them like a dish of food! Today it’s the Burning Angels who want to come and cut off a piece, tomorrow there might be Frozen Demons who want to come and get a piece of the pie, and in a few days’ time, maybe even those cats and dogs that no one looks up to will come over with their bowls to grab a piece of the chopsticks!”

“What’s more, even if you guys back down, so what? Will they let you go if you retreat? If that were the case, why would you, a seven-foot man and the leader of the Hua Gang, need to hide in a woman’s hair salon?”

Ni Dawei’s spirit almost collapsed when he was made to suffer by Ye Chen’s series of forced questions.

In the past two days, Ni Da Wei’s heart had been tortured, his brothers had accidents one after another, and even he himself almost hung up, but as the boss, he had not been able to gather the courage to fight with the Burning Angel to the end, and it was because of the fearfulness in the beginning that the Burning Angel became more and more rampant, and killed off a number of backbones of the HuaHang one after the other, and directly broke the mentality of the entire HuaHang completely.

And these two days, Ni Dawei is also very regrettable, regret not the first time to go out with the burning angels to the end, if at that time on the fight to the end with them, maybe they know difficult to retreat, behind so many brothers will not take a ride on the life of 。。。。。。

When I think of this, shame and self-blame, let Ni Dawei emotion can no longer taut, he choked with red eyes: “I blame me, is that I’m too weak, just think that can not afford to mess with them would not be as good as a step back to the sea and the sky, but I did not think that, back a step, they forced me to retreat all the way back to the edge of the cliff is still not willing to stop, but now wake up is already too late, the dead brothers can not be again! come back 。。。。。。”

Ye Chen looked at him and faintly said, “Waking up now is not too late.”

Saying that, Ye Chen stuffed the magazine in his hand into the pistol, then handed the pistol in front of him and spoke, “There are still five bullets in here, if you really wake up, think about how that Chong died, and then think about how to avenge him!”