Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5978

Keung Chai said, “The third time was the night before last, he was sitting in a Cadillac that was parked on the corner of the street, Ah Chong of the Hua Gang just happened to come out of the nightclub, and was dragged into the car by his minions, and then just as soon as I heard a gunshot, then I saw a cloud of blood and mist popping out of the back door of the car, and then Ah Chong’s body was pushed off, and the Cadillac drove away 。。。。. .”

Ye Chen nodded and asked, “That Ah Chong, did he bully men and women and bullies in Chinatown on weekdays?”

Keung Chai shook his head and said, “The Chinese gang is still more than enough in Chinatown, although he also collects a certain amount of protection money from us, but he will really help us solve some problems, especially like us illegal immigrants, there are always people bullying us, the Chinese gang will generally help us out, and they charge is also considered more reasonable, after all, in the United States to do small business, the tax can be not paid, the protection fee is certainly not less. The protection fee is definitely less, compared to that, the Hua Gang is much more generous 。。。。。。”

“Good.” Ye Chen asked again, “You said that Will Johnson was sitting in the car at that time, which position was he sitting in?”

Keung Chai was a little evasive, but still summoned up the courage to say, “He was sitting behind the passenger seat.”

Ye Chen continued to ask, “Then the position where Chong was brought into the car, was it the door behind the main driver?”

Keung Chai nodded, “Yes 。。。。。。”

“Good.” Ye Chen paused and asked him, “Did you see clearly who shot him?”

Strong Boy shook his head, “See who shot, but after Chong died, the window behind the passenger side let down, and I saw that Will Johnson spitting outwards.”

Ye Chen looked at Will Johnson and asked in a stern voice, “I’m asking you, the Hua Gang’s Ah Chong, did you kill him?”

Will Johnson hastily shook his head, “It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me!”

Ye Chen looked at the other four and spoke, “If any of you four tell me the truth, the bullets can be eaten five less, but if none of you tell the truth or refuse to answer my question, I’ll let you eat all those bullets while taking apart all your pistols and eating them as well.”

The four men were all nervous and sweating at once.

Ye Chen saying that he would let them eat all the pistol parts really scared them to death, eating a dozen or so rounds of bullets, there was still a chance to slowly excrete them, but eating a handful of pistol parts, it would be better to be directly hit by the pistol with a barrage of bullets, that way at least there would still be a pain in the arse.

So, several people have come out to point out, claiming that it was Will Johnson who shot the Chinese gang member nicknamed Chong.

Will Johnson’s face was pale, and he still wanted to defend himself, but once he thought that these few people had betrayed him, and if he defended himself now, I was afraid that he would touch Ye Chen’s scales even more.

When he thought that Ye Chen always doubled back the evil he had done to himself, he was terrified to the core of his heart.

He killed the Hua Gang’s Ah Chong, could it be that Ye Chen is going to kill himself today?

Just as he was terrified, Ye Chen opened his mouth and asked Keung, “Do you know the boss of the Hua Gang?”

Keung Chai nodded his head hurriedly and said, “I know him, his name is Ni Da Wei, he used to come to the shop often.”

Uncle Zhong at the side spoke, “Young Master, Ni Da Wei was smuggled from the Mainland to Hong Kong Island in the early years, and then smuggled from Hong Kong Island to the United States, although he mixes with the gangs, he is not a bad person.”

Ye Chen nodded and asked Keung Chai, “Can you find him?”

Keung Chai thought for a moment, “Mr Ye, Brother David seems to have run out to avoid the wind, I’m afraid it’s not that easy to find him now.”

Uncle Chung spoke, “He definitely hasn’t left Chinatown, maybe he’s hiding in Monroe Hair Salon right now, I know his habits, always believing that the most dangerous place is the safest.”

Keung Chai exclaimed, “No way Uncle Chung 。。。。。。 The whole Chinatown knows that the boss’s wife of Monroe Hair Salon is Brother David’s lover, how dare he hide there at such a time 。。。。。。”

Uncle Zhong said, “Don’t ask so many questions, go directly to Monroe Hair Salon and tell the boss lady there that I am back and ask him to come over to meet me.”