Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5976

A few people suddenly looked at the jaws of the jaws, the heart can not help but a burst of fear, fingers can easily pull out the bullet head, which if you really use all the power of a punch in the face, not to smash out the brain?

However, a few people at this time also did not understand why Ye Chen suddenly had to pull off the bullet’s tip, and also did not understand what this had to do with what he said about forgiveness.

At this moment, Ye Chen looked at the man, raised the bullet in his hand that had been separated from its head and tail, smiled faintly, and said, ”Don’t you want forgiveness? This is my forgiveness, a whole bullet is not good to swallow, I’ll break it apart for you to make it easier for you to swallow.”

The man’s entire being instantly fell into hell, staring at Ye Chen in horror, unable to believe that such words were coming from the mouth of this fresh-faced young man in front of him.

Ye Chen reminded him at this time, “By the way, don’t forget to thank your good brother, he was the one who helped you fight for this good chance of forgiveness.”

When that little brother heard this, he immediately turned pale, looking at the man with dodging eyes while shaking his head vigorously.

And that person was going crazy with hatred in his heart.

If he had known that Ye Chen was playing this kind of trick, he should have honestly swallowed the whole bullet, after all, this whole bullet goes in, the whole bullet comes out, and the gunpowder inside won’t leak out in his stomach, but now it’s good, this gunpowder will have to be swallowed raw by himself too.

Terrified, he looked at Ye Chen and cried, “Sir 。。。。。。 This 。。。。。。 There’s gunpowder in here!”

Ye Chen nodded, “I know, what’s wrong with having gunpowder?”

The man almost collapsed, pleading, “Gunpowder is deadly if you eat it 。。。。。。”

Ye Chen said with an indifferent expression, “Look at you, at a glance this is to eat the loss of uneducated, when a few more years of schooling, less mixing a few years of gangs, you can know, the pistol’s launching agent are single base gunpowder, the composition is just nitrocellulose cotton, this kind of thing is nothing poisonous, eaten can not be killed.”

The man was horrified, “I don’t believe 。。。。。。 You must be lying to me!”

Ye Chen laughed coldly and directly pinched his mouth, pouring all the firing powder from the bullet into his mouth.

A thick and bitter chemical flavour entered his mouth, the man’s tongue was stung with raw pain, and the man was choking so much that he wanted to cough, but before he coughed out, Ye Chen stuffed the bullet and shells in as well, and at the same time forcefully clasped his jaws, so that he couldn’t open his mouth at all.

With that, Ye Chen said expressionlessly, “You’d better swallow the warhead and shell casings honestly, or else if there’s more and more in your mouth in a while, and you still can’t swallow it, I’ll poke it in for you with a stick!”

Saying that, Ye Chen withdrew another bullet from the magazine with one hand, and then easily pulled the bullet off in the same way.

The man was scared out of his wits, he now finally understood that there was no possibility of making half a deal with Ye Chen, once he tried to make a deal, not only would he not get any forgiveness, but he would instead be subjected to his markup.

He also knew that Ye Chen could not let himself go easily, if he wanted to leave this roast goose shop and Chinatown alive today, the only way was to follow Ye Chen’s orders.

Thinking of this, collapsing, he could only grit his teeth and desperately swallowed the metal-made bullet and shell casings into his stomach.

Without waiting for him to finish swallowing one bullet, Ye Chen pinched open his mouth and poured as much gunpowder as he could from the other bullet into his mouth as well.

The other few followers watched with a palpitation of fear, but at the same time, they couldn’t help but be thankful in the bottom of their hearts that this yellow-skinned bogeyman in front of them hadn’t used such brutal tactics on themselves.

But just as they were breathing a sigh of relief inside, Ye Chen suddenly spoke, “All of you other people who came in with guns must also eat all the bullets in your guns for me, whoever dares to disobey will end up like him!”