Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5974

The five people were scared out of their wits, and subconsciously wanted to hide, but at this time, they were already huddled in the corner of the wall, and there was nowhere to hide.

The leader of the man has gone half life, at this time completely lost the ruthlessness just now, the whole face is filled with fear and anxiety.

Ye Chen looked at him and slapped him hard on the face!

The sound of the slap echoed throughout the Roasted Goose Shop.

Seeing the man’s cheek rapidly swelling up, Ye Chen smiled and said, ”A fucking triad, huh? And Burning Angel …… who the fuck gave you guys this pussy name? Look at your old donkey face, is it even halfway related to an angel?”

The man was smacked cheeks exploded general pain, but at this time can only cry to Ye Chen said, “Sorry, really sorry, did not know you still know kung fu, please let us off, we will never come here again!”

Ye Chen frowned, and slapped hard again.

This crunching sound raucously hurt the eardrums of the four people next to him.

After Ye Chen finished the second slap, he smiled and asked him: ”Wasn’t it quite ruthless just now? The posture of holding the gun is so dashing, I can see that you can’t wait to jump up and shoot, how come you’re so soft so soon?”

And that person had already been beaten to the point of fainting at this time, but the sharp pain on his face made his brain incomparably clear.

He knew that today he had encountered a tough opponent with great strength, and he had no one who could help him now, so he could only lower his voice and beg for a way to live.

Thinking of this, he cried and said: “This gentleman, I am really wrong …… I grew up in a poor family, my father got my mother’s stomach after running away, my mother a person to play three jobs to bring me up, I also did not spend what books, from childhood to follow the gangs to mix a mouth to eat, but also begged you to look at the part of my mother, spare my life. I beg you to spare my life for my mother’s sake. ……”

Ye Chen smiled and asked, “Your current routine is to show weakness and beg for mercy first, and then find more people to help after you go out, right?”

The man hurriedly said, “No no! Absolutely not! I swear to God!”

Ye Chen slapped him on the face and asked in a cold voice, “Why is it that you don’t talk about God in three words, yet you still hold a gun to collect protection money? Pick up a gun and you’re a burning angel, without a gun you’re a lamb of God, do you believe in God or do you believe in guns?”

“I …… I ……” The man was questioned by Ye Chen and didn’t know how to answer, he could only say with a hard head, “I …… I believe in God ……”

Ye Chen asked rhetorically, “Then you think that God can bless you today?”

“I ……” The man was more terrified for a time, he was afraid of what he said could not pass Ye Chen this pass, if he said can, maybe Ye Chen non-said can not, and then a gun shot his own head; if he said can not, Ye Chen in case of a sentence you are right, and then If he said he couldn’t, if Ye Chen said he was right and shot himself in the head, then he would be dead either way.

At this instant, he was almost desperate, and could only beg Ye Chen: “Big brother, please spare my life, I …… don’t want to die …… I will never mix with gangs again, I swear!”

Ye Chen saw his fearful to the core appearance, smiled slightly and said, “It’s not like there’s no chance of wanting to live, it’s up to you to grasp it.”

Once the man heard this, he hurriedly cried, “I’m willing to grasp it, I’ll definitely grasp it!”

Ye Chen nodded and retired the magazine from the pistol, then handed it to him and spoke, “Don’t you like to give people a taste of bullets? Come, eat all the bullets in here! I’m warning you, eat them all and don’t leave a single one! No matter how many you have left, I will use my gun to shoot them in for you!”