Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5973

When Ye Chen asked Fei Hao Yang’s father, grandfather, and great-grandfather if they were convinced that he had killed Fei Hao Yang, who dared to say no?

Now, a few gang members who didn’t know the heights of heaven dared to jump in front of Ye Chen with a gun, and Ye Chen definitely wouldn’t let them have a good time.

At this time, the man in the lead stared at Ye Chen, and Ye Chen wasn’t scared at all, instead, he looked towards Keung Chai and spoke, “Serve me another bowl, this trash wastes food, later I will make him kneel on the ground and lick up all the grains of rice on the ground one by one, like a dog.”

The man’s heart almost collapsed, he had already fired his gun, but Ye Chen was still not afraid in the slightest, this made his heart already a little hairy, and at the same time, his killing heart rose.

His mouth grew exaggeratedly large, flapping his two fat lips, and he angrily gritted his teeth and said, “Chinese guy! Since you’re looking for death yourself, I’ll send you to meet God!”

With that, he pulled the trigger with force!

Keung Chai closed his eyes in fear, while the black man’s four companions also took a few steps back, they could see that their boss had moved to kill, at this moment, several of them were all disgusted, fearing that they would be stained by the blood that erupted later on.

Just when they thought that Ye Chen was about to be shot in the head, that black man was staring wide-eyed, and while desperately trying to pull the trigger with force, he muttered, “What’s going on …… Why can’t my hand pull the trigger …… ”

Ye Chen smiled slightly, he just used a minuscule amount of aura, it was enough to make the other party completely powerless, at this time that black man’s hand, has completely made no half strength, not to mention pulling the trigger, even if it is a grain of rice is also impossible to pinch.

The black man still did not know what was going on, his arm still had strength, but his five fingers were already completely out of control, just when he was in a state of panic, Ye Chen had already reached out and pulled the gun from his hand, he took a look at the M9 pistol that was made in Italy, and faintly said, “If God really wants to see me, he has to come and find me, not me to find him. ”


The four blacks behind him, seeing that Ye Chen had already taken the man’s gun in his hand, immediately shouted, panicking and pulling out their own pistols from their waists ready to shoot at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen sneered, and suddenly grabbed the wrist of the black man at the head of the group, followed by a hard swing, he swung him out as if he was a baseball bat!

Before the four of them could pull out their guns, they felt a big, pitch-black bat of more than a hundred kilograms slamming horizontally, and without waiting to react, they were instantly swept to the ground.

In an instant, five people were lying in the corner wailing.

The person who was swung out was the most miserable, his entire right arm, the moment he was thrown out there was only tendons and skin left connected to the body, and in the subsequent impact, his cheekbones, ribs, leg bones, all had serious fractures, and all the bones in his body clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and broke an unknown number of bones.

And the four people suffered injuries although not so serious, but suddenly came the impact, for them, as if by a high-speed car crash, one by one is also covered with injuries, pain on the ground can not stop crying and howling.

How could they not imagine that an ordinary person would have such a strong force, and in their hearts they also knew that this time they had encountered an expert, maybe this is the legendary kung fu.

At this time, Ye Chen walked to the front of the five people with no expression on his face, looking at the five people’s horrified appearance, slowly squatted down.