Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5972


Seeing that Ye Chen was not only not afraid, but also mouthing off, the black man suddenly became furious!

With the bottom of his pistol, he pushed all the bottles and cans on the tabletop to the ground with one hand, and then stood up, towering over Ye Chen with the muzzle of his gun pressed dead against his head, his expression sinister as he cursed, “Chinese guy, this is the United States of America, the United States of America! If you cause trouble here, no one will tell you to roll back to Huaxia, instead, they will just use a gun to smash your head!”

Ye Chen laughed, “You’re so arrogant.”

After saying that, Ye Chen put away his smile and said contemptuously, “But I’m not afraid!”

The man gritted his teeth, “Fuck, are you really tired of living?”

Ye Chen spread his hands and said indifferently, “I’m sitting here today, no matter what burning angel or wild dog in the incinerator, as long as he dares to come, he’ll have to kneel down and sing Conquest for me! If he sings it well, leave him a dog’s life; if he doesn’t sing it well, I’ll rip off his dog’s head and kick it all the way from the east end of Chinatown to the west end of Chinatown.”

Saying that, Ye Chen examined his face and frowned, “This head of yours is not very good, it’s too long and too sharp, more like a rugby ball, with a head like yours, there’s no way to dish it out like a football, you can only drive a big kick like a rugby ball, so I’m going to take back what I just said and re-say it once again, in a while, if you don’t sing well, I’m going to twist your dog’s head off, and kick it all the way from the east end of Chinatown, all the way to the west end of Chinatown!”

“Fuck me!” The man instantly went berserk, his finger rubbing continuously on the trigger, his whole body jumping back and forth horizontally within the space of three metres to the left and right as if he was going berserk, his mouth chanting, “I’m going to kill this bastard! Immediately! Immediately!”

After saying that, he gave a wink to a few followers beside him, and those people immediately understood and turned around in a hurry, closing the door of the Roasted Goose Shop tightly from the inside.

Once the door was closed, the man once again aimed his gun at Ye Chen’s brow, and said in a cold voice: “You Chinese guys just like to bump into guns, anyway, I’ve killed more than one person like you, and it doesn’t matter if there’s one more, clowns like you, I don’t even put them in my eyes! Any more dying words just say them, I’ll send you on your way after that!”

“Last words on your deathbed?” Ye Chen let out a shameful laugh and said disdainfully, “Trash like you can’t kill me at all.”

After saying that, he knocked on the desktop with a smile on his face and spoke, “Keung Chai, where’s my rice?”

Keung Chai ran out from the back kitchen in a panic, holding a bowl of roast goose rice in his hands, and stammered under his breath, “Mr Ye …… your rice is here ……”

Saying this, he hurriedly tried to place the portion of roast goose rice in front of Ye Chen.

At this time, that black man used his hand to knock the whole portion of rice to the ground, and said sternly, “Damn, you still want to eat when you’re dying?!”

After saying that, he turned his gun around and pointed it at the rice bowl on the ground, instantly pulling the trigger.

With a bang, the bullet shot through the rice bowl, breaking the plastic rice bowl into pieces, and even more so, it scared Keung Chai to the point of trembling!

On the side of Chen Zhaozhong was not the slightest bit frightened, he was very clear in his heart, these people in front of Ye Chen, but a group of mole crickets, even if it is the entire Burning Angels, in front of Ye Chen is just a clown.

The Fei family was almost an emperor in New York, but when Ye Chen shot Fei Hao Yang with his own hands in front of everyone in the Fei family, who in the Fei family dared to stop him?