Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5971

Keung Chai quickly said, “Mr Ye, they really dare to kill people! You are still ……”

Before Keung Chai finished speaking, Chen Zhao Zhong interrupted him, patted his shoulder and spoke, “Young Master said for you to prepare a roast goose rice, so hurry up and go prepare it, and by the way, also get me one to taste if your craftsmanship has regressed.”

At this moment, five young black men dressed in hip-hop flair had already stepped in.

The one in the lead was thin and tall, wearing a wide hoodie with a hat that held his head and half of his face in it, and his hands were inserted in the horizontal pockets on the front of the hoodie, looking as if he was carrying a weapon.

The man came in, and when he saw Keung Chai, he immediately sneered and flirted, “Wow, Mr Goose from China, have you prepared the money I want for me? If I don’t see $3,000 bye bye tonight, I’ll feed you a couple of shots and throw you into the Hudson River and let your body float back to China!”

Keung Chai became tense in an instant, and was about to speak when Ye Chen, who was already sitting in front of the dining table, interrupted him and urged, “Boss, go and prepare me a meal, I’m already a little hungry and want to hit someone.”

Keung Chai instantly froze there not knowing what to do, Chen Zhaozhong on the side urged in a low voice, “Don’t go yet!”

Keung Chai gritted his teeth and made up his mind, “Good …… I’ll go ……”

After saying this, he turned around and went into the back kitchen.

When the black man in the lead saw Ye Chen supporting the boss to the back kitchen, he was a bit upset and sneered with his mouth, “Good, good, good, good, looks like we have some new business to do here.”

After saying that, he sat in front of Ye Chen with exaggerated movements and said indifferently, “Hey, Chinese guy, who gave you the guts to rush to interrupt when I’m collecting protection money?”

Ye Chen laughed, looked at him and asked, “What? You won’t let your customers eat if you collect protection money? Don’t you know that the customer is God?”

The man saw Ye Chen’s teasing expression, and instantly realised that he might be in league with the shop owner, so he said sternly, “Kid, it seems that you don’t quite understand the situation here, the whole of Chinatown, I’m talking about the whole of New York’s Chinatown, from now on it will all be our Burning Angel’s turf, and if you gang of Chinese fellows still want to do business here, you’ll have to pay the protection fee according to our requirements. Otherwise, I’ll finish you off one by one!”

Ye Chen was not the least bit surprised by his threat, he just raised his eyebrows and laughed, “I’m not a man with a good temper, and I hate being disturbed when I’m eating, so I don’t care if you’re a Burning Angel, or a Burning Wild Dog, or a Burning Mouse, if you don’t hurry up and take these few boyfriends of yours and get out from in front of me, I’ll let you know what it means that life is worse than death. ”

“Fuck! You think I’m gay?” The man spat a mouthful of saliva on the ground, followed by pulling out an M9 pistol from his pocket, holding the trigger in place and turning it around on the desktop, then pointing the gun at Ye Chen’s head, he coldly shouted, “Kid, it seems you haven’t tasted the flavour of a bullet, believe it or not, I’m going to let you have a taste of it right now?”

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows and laughed, “I’ve made people eat shit, I’ve also made people dip into iron cages and sink into rivers, and I’ve also done human calligraphy, but I haven’t really tried this kind of thing of feeding others bullets, and today, since you’ve come up with this novel idea, we can put it into practice.”

Saying that, Ye Chen glanced at the gun in his hand and said indifferently, “This gun of yours, it should be using nine millimetre bullets, right? There should be thirteen rounds when the magazine is pressed full, with so many bullets, I don’t know if you like to chew them or swallow them?”