Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5969

“Not yet.” Chen Zhaozhong said, “This time it was more hurried, so I didn’t tell him, because I was also worried that in case I didn’t have the time to go over to see him, it would be bad to say it instead.”

Ye Chen laughed, “In that case, then you don’t need to call him, let’s go over directly to give him a surprise as well.”

“Okay!” Chen Zhaozhong agreed with alacrity, there was already an obvious expectation between his looks, he couldn’t help but say to Ye Chen, “Young Master, I won’t hide it from you, I’ve always treated Keung Chai as my own son, I haven’t seen him for a few days now, and my heart still misses him quite a bit.”

Ye Chen was very understanding.

Chen Zhaozhong’s life in the United States was very hard, the first few years were better, with Fang Jiaxin accompanying him, it was considered to be a love affair.

But after Fang Jiaxin left, he stared at the identity of illegal immigrants to support a roast goose shop, that day is really bitter and desperate.

Keung Chai, for him, is not just an adopted orphan or a mate, but more than that, a kind of life support.


After the two of them left the airport, Ye Chen directly rented an inconspicuous Chevrolet car and headed to Chinatown with Chen Zhaozhong.

This time in the United States, Ye Chen did not let anyone make any preparations in the United States, and did not tell Fei Ke Xin, try to keep a low profile is not only safer, but also easier to look for some clues buried in the city.

Driving to the familiar Chinatown, Chen Zhaozhong before the roast goose shop is still in business.

When Ye Chen parked the car, Chen Zhaozhong couldn’t wait to push open the door.

When the two walked into the roast goose shop, the shop was surprisingly cold, several tables, only one person sat in front of one of the tables, Keung Chai was preparing in the back kitchen, when he heard someone enter the door, he shouted inside: “Feel free to sit down, will be right there!”

After saying that, after an interval of ten seconds or so, he walked out from the back kitchen with a serving of roast goose rice.

Seeing that the people who came were Chen Zhaozhong and Ye Chen, his entire body was instantly stunned, and he murmured in surprise, “Uncle Zhong, Mr Ye …… why are you guys here?!”

Chen Zhao Zhong was full of smiles and was about to greet him, when he saw that his face was full of bruises and purple wounds, and the corner of his mouth even had a broken mouth, which had already formed a black scab, he was shocked and asked, “Keung Chai, what’s wrong with your face?!”

Keung Chai subconsciously twisted half of his face away, while taking the opportunity to serve food to the guests, while stammering: “Nothing Uncle Zhong …… is just a few days ago to learn others to play cool riding a motorbike, accidentally fell …… ”

Chen Zhaozhong immediately said: “Impossible! Your injury is not a motorbike fall out at all! You look in the mirror to see your panda eyes, obviously smashed with a fist, and the corner of your mouth injury, not with a lot of force to slap you, it is simply not possible to put the corner of the mouth are pumped, you say! In the end what happened!”

Keung Chai covered up and said, “Uncle Zhong …… I have this injury really …… really wasn’t hit ……”

Said, he hastily looked at the clock, saw that it was already more than nine o’clock, and hastily said, “Oops Uncle Zhong, you said you came also do not greet me in advance, I can go to the airport to pick you up. It’s not early now, either I’ll close the shop first and take you and Mr Ye to find a place to stay!”

Said, he also did not wait for Chen Zhaozhong to speak, then rushed to the guest said: “Sorry ah sir, I have a little thing today, to close early, this meal I pack for you to take away, do not charge you money okay?”

When that guest heard this, he quickly nodded his head and agreed, but Uncle Zhong on the side frowned and asked him, “Keung Chai, tell me the truth, are you in some kind of trouble?”

As he was talking, a low motorbike roar suddenly came from outside, and that roar was getting closer and louder.

Keung Chai’s expression instantly became extremely nervous, and he hurriedly said, “Uncle Zhong, Mr Ye, I have something to take care of, please go upstairs to take shelter first!”