Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5968

Late night at the Sukhumvit Temple.

In a Zen room with a courtyard that was not open to the public, a beautiful woman was sitting on a rattan chair in the courtyard looking up at the starry autumn sky.

A bald old lady walked out, spread a blanket on the beautiful woman’s lap, and respectfully said, “Madam, young master’s plane has taken off.”

“Took off?” When the beautiful woman heard this, she hurriedly looked into the air in the direction of the airport.

Seeing points of light flashing far in the air, she couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, “I don’t know which of these flashing points of light is the one that Chen’er is sitting in.”

After saying that, she asked the old woman again, “Did Chen’er leave with Ah Zhong?”

This beautiful woman was Ye Chen’s mother, An Chengqi.

And the old woman beside An Chengqi was the old woman who was pretending to be the master’s wife.

The old woman’s surname was Sun, her name was Sun Jinyu, she had followed An Chengqi for many years, and her role was comparable to that of the head butler.

Sun Jinyu spoke to An Chengjing and said, “Back to madam, the young master did get on the plane with Chen Zhaozhong, their plane is fast, and is expected to arrive in New York at 8pm New York time.”

“Good.” An Chengqi nodded slightly and smiled, “Peter has been in trouble for the past few years, and it’s not good for me to step in and help him, if Chen’er can find him, I believe that he can definitely help him get through this, and he, perhaps, can help Chen’er find a way to open the Mud Pill Palace.”


8.30pm New York time.

The plane that Ye Chen and Chen Zhaozhong were travelling on landed smoothly at JFK Airport.

Since it was already late, Ye Chen did not plan to go directly to that antique shop in Queens tonight.

He knew that Chen Zhaozhong this time with his own to New York, must also want to see his adopted the strong boy, now, the strong boy has taken over his half a lifetime of operation of the roast goose shop, Chen Zhaozhong on the strong boy, on the hotel, are bound to have deep feelings, so Ye Chen in the plane after landing, said to Chen Zhaozhong, “Uncle Zhong, we will go to Chinatown first tonight, your roast goose shop! is usually open until what time?”

Chen Zhaozhong didn’t expect that Ye Chen would choose to go to Chinatown as his first stop, so he quickly said, “Young master, I’d better accompany you to do your business first, when you’re done with your business, take time to see Keung Chai.”

Ye Chen smiled, “Uncle Zhong, it’s so late, two dusty people go to the antique shop first as soon as they get off the plane, it’s really a bit untenable, in case someone with a heart finds out that it’s an unusual move that deserves attention, don’t turn around and arrest us as spies again, so let’s not do anything about the antique shop today, we’ll go to Chinatown to have a meal first, and you’ll also be able to meet Keung-chan by the way, and then we’ll go to Buckingham Street in New York to do business. Then we’ll go to Buckingham Palace in New York for one night and then go to Queens tomorrow.”

Chen Zhaozhong knew that what Ye Chen said made sense, but he was also clear that Ye Chen was thinking for himself.

However, he didn’t bother to be polite to Ye Chen and spoke, “Young master, roast goose shops are usually open until two o’clock in the morning.”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “That late?”

Chen Zhaozhong nodded and said, “Mainly because of the cheap consumption, most of the diners who come to eat are labourers, many of them are also illegal immigrants with no status, and they are usually only able to close up for a rest in the early hours of the morning, so we open a little bit later, and when they are all done with their meals, we close up the stall and shut down the shop.”

Ye Chen laughed, “OK, since the business hours are late, we can still have a meal when we arrive.”

Chen Zhaozhong said, “Then I’ll give Keung Chai a call and ask him to prepare in advance.”

Ye Chen asked, “Uncle Zhong, did you tell Keung Chai that you came to the US this time?”