Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5966

Ma Lan deliberately shook her head and said playfully, “What’s wrong? Since you’re not looking for money from your good son-in-law, how did I mess with you by telling my good son-in-law not to give you money?”

“You 。。。。。。 You 。。。。。。” Xiao Changkun didn’t expect that Ma Lan’s defence ability was so strong, directly strangling his own thoughts in the cradle, words were said by her to this point, he still had the nerve to open his mouth to ask Ye Chen for money?

Xiao Changkun, who ate a dumb loss, was completely powerless to refute, and could only say resentfully: “I 。。。。。。 I didn’t want to ask my good son-in-law for money 。。。。。。 I just want to urge my good son-in-law to pay attention to safety when going out!”

Ma Lan deliberately pretended to breathe a sigh of relief, while alternately stroking her chest with both palms, while palpitating with fear, said: “Aiya Xiao Changkun, you really scared me to death, I thought you were shamelessly trying to ask for money from your good son-in-law! Good son-in-law to earn some money is not easy, you have hands and feet, or do not spend their money.”

Xiao Changkun said in exasperation, “I say Ma Lan, what’s wrong with you? I said I didn’t want to ask my good son-in-law for money, but you’re not done complaining, are you?”

Ye Chen saw that Xiao Changkun was furious and didn’t dare to open his mouth to say what he really thought in his heart, he suddenly felt that what the ancients said was indeed right, this poor people must be hateful.

Xiao Changkun character weak, and acting style cover up, grinding, always in a kind of fear of wolves in front of fear of tigers in the contradiction, so that his life repeatedly have the opportunity to turn the tide, and ultimately were his own smash everything.

Like Han Meicheng just returned to China, who can see that Xiao Changkun really want to reunite with Han Meicheng, even Han Meicheng himself has been on his mind, the two can be said to have a concubine, as long as Xiao Changkun dared to divorce Ma Lan, can make up for their own decades of regrets, and strive for their own a happy old age.

However, he just did not dare to poke through that layer of windowpaper, so that Han Meichen in the process of waiting for him to lose patience, coupled with the sudden appearance of He Yuanjiang, a man who is countless times better than him, and directly snatched away the love of his life.

After losing Han Meichen, he still couldn’t make him realise his own problem, and still couldn’t make him change his own grumbling and fearful character. In addition to the hopelessness in Ye Chen’s heart, he was also a little more angry with him.

Thus, he looked at Xiao Changkun and directly opened his mouth to ask: ”Dad, do you also not have enough money to spend? If so just say so, and I’ll transfer some to you as well.”

Xiao Changkun’s heart was a little excited the moment he heard this, but once he thought of Ma Lan’s mockery of himself, as well as the FLAG he had just set, he was really ashamed of himself for hitting his own face.

Therefore, Xiao Changkun did not know how to take Ye Chen’s words at once.

Ma Lan at this time saw Ye Chen had the intention of giving money to Xiao Changkun, his heart was anxious, quickly said: “Good son-in-law, your father just said himself, he has hands and feet do not want your money, besides, your father is now a cultural circle of people, or vice president of the painting and calligraphy association, to put it bluntly is a big man with a face, you give him money at this time, that is not to hit him in the face! You’re not slapping him in the face if you give him money at this time.”

Xiao Changkun’s heart was even harder.

Although he hated to go up and give Ma Lan two slaps, but he also knew that Ma Lan had been putting pressure on himself with these words, if he followed Ye Chen’s words and really asked Ye Chen for money, wouldn’t that be a loss of face?

Ye Chen saw that he hesitated and hesitated for a long time, but he didn’t open his mouth, he was helpless in his heart, he simply didn’t worry about him anymore, so he directly followed Xiao Changkun’s words, and opened his mouth, “Dad, thank you for your concern, I’ll pay attention to the safety, I’ll go and pack up my things first, and I’ll be departing to the airport later on.”

People are borrowing the slope, but Xiao Changkun is always the donkey that is being slipped down from the top of the slope, Ma Lan a few words to block his exit, he can only slide all the way down along Ma Lan’s slope, this is the weakness of his character, but also the key for Ma Lan to pin down him.