Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5964

Leaving the spa villa in Champs Elysees, Ye Chen immediately rushed back to Tomson, intending to simply pack up some luggage, and in the meantime, told his old father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, as well as his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, that he was going to rush out of town overnight tonight to give another client a feng shui reading.

The couple knew that Ye Chen had been travelling around all day, and had long been used to it, so they were not surprised to hear this news.

What Ye Chen did not expect was that his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, took the initiative to care about Ye Chen, and said with a heartbroken face, “Good son-in-law, you’re running around all day and night without resting for a few days, so what if your body gets exhausted!”

Suddenly being cared about by his mother-in-law, Ye Chen also felt very rare, so he smiled and said, “Mum, you don’t have to worry, although I’m running around every day, I’m actually not tired at all.”

On the side of Xiao Changkun looked at Ma Lan, grunted: “What do you know, good son-in-law is now a feng shui master, you do not look at him all day and night in the outside running, please him are some big bosses, big stars, these people on the feng shui master hate than their own father still respect, on the good son-in-law’s clothes, food, housing and transportation must be very concerned about, will not let good son-in-law suffer from the pain and tiredness of the, if it is put aside in ancient times, far away again, are not tired. In ancient times, if they were far away, they would have to carry their good son-in-law in a palanquin!”

Ma Lan nodded thoughtfully, then looked at Ye Chen and said with a smile, “My good son-in-law is still great! Rich people have to beg to spend money on my good son-in-law!”

After saying that, her eyes turned, and she hurriedly said with a smile, “Good son-in-law, can I discuss something with you?”

As soon as Ye Chen saw Ma Lan’s appearance, he knew that Ma Lan definitely had a request for himself, so it was no wonder that he took the initiative to care about himself today.

So he asked, “Mum, just tell me what you have to say.”

Ma Lan stammered, “That 。。。。。。 Mum’s hands are a bit tight lately, and since you’re going away again this time, Mom is worried that if she doesn’t have any money in her hands, she’ll still have to bother you and Churan, so what Mom means is, can you see if you can leave some more money for Mom before you leave?”

Xiao Changkun blankly glanced at Ma Lan and said contemptuously, “Ma Lan, I knew that you’re a weasel who pays a visit to a chicken with no good intentions, so you want to ask Ye Chen for money!”

As if Ma Lan was stepped on, she angrily cursed, “Xiao Changkun! I’m asking my good son-in-law for some money, what does it matter if I give it to you? It’s obvious that you’re not happy, you’re just blabbering on and on!”

Xiao Changkun was furious: “You have hands and feet, if you don’t have money, can’t you earn it yourself? Look at me, I’m now in the Painting and Calligraphy Association, and my monthly salary plus subsidies is still a couple of thousand!”

Ma Lan cursed, “I’ll be damned! Don’t talk about your painting and calligraphy association, if it wasn’t for your good son-in-law giving you a brush-off, you’d have been kicked out long ago!”

“You fart!” Xiao Changkun’s face turned red and he opened his mouth to defend his dignity.

Ye Chen saw that the two men were going to choke again, and hurriedly interrupted: “Dad, mum, you guys don’t need to arch each other’s fires anymore, I’m going out and you two are left at home, you guys keep fighting day and night, and I can’t get down to earth in my heart outside!”

Ma Lan grunted, “I don’t care if he’s not looking for trouble!”

Ye Chen nodded, he knew Ma Lan’s character, rich as a demon, no money also as a demon, but at least, when she has money as a demon certainly can not be made on their own head, their own as a small amount of money to buy a clean.

So, he was very quick to open his mouth: “Mum, the matter of money is not called a matter, so, in a moment, I will give you a card to transfer a million, this time you want to how to spend are casual.”

When Ma Lan heard this, the whole person’s eyes instantly opened wide, excited even the lips are only trembling, voice also stuttered and asked, “Good son-in-law! What you said 。。。。。。 What you said is true? You really want to give mum a million?!”

“Of course it’s true.” Ye Chen nodded, but said in a serious tone, “But I just have one request, you can’t fight with dad for the few days I’m gone!”

Ma Lan didn’t hesitate and patted her chest, “Don’t worry good son-in-law, I definitely won’t quarrel with him! You give mum a million dollars, mum won’t be at home except when she comes back to sleep, I won’t give him a chance even if he wants to quarrel with me!”