Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5963

When Ye Chen saw this, he let go of his heart.

Afterwards, he said to Richard Chen, “Old Chen, Butler Tang has temporarily left the Ye Family for a period of time, during this period of time, the position of the Ye Family’s head butler is vacant, I want you to temporarily replace Butler Tang’s position for a little while, and I wish that Butler Tang will still return in the future, then you will. Return the position to him as his deputy, and if he doesn’t return in the future, then you’ll sit in this position all the way.”

Chen Zekai was surprised and quickly said, “Young master 。。。。。。 My business hasn’t been out of this province, my own handful of things just sort of barely understand, you let me substitute for the position of Tang steward, I 。。。。。。 How can I have that ability ah 。。。。。。”

Ye Chen asked rhetorically, “Isn’t Butler Tang also a step-by-step climber?”

“Yes 。。。。。。” Richard Chen said awkwardly, “Butler Tang climbed up only after a dozen or two decades, I’m a lot worse than him in this ability, and I’m afraid that my seniority won’t be able to convince the public.”

Ye Chen waved his hand, “I am the Ye family head, the position of the Ye family’s great steward, whoever I let do it, whoever naturally has this qualification, it depends on whether you want to do it yourself.”

“This 。。。。。。” Chen Zekai was at once caught in a contradiction.

For him, Tang Sihai’s position was the theoretical peak of his career.

Originally, he didn’t even dare to covet the fact that he could reach Tang Sihai’s height in the future.

However, after receiving Ye Chen’s appreciation and reuse, he sometimes felt that he only needed to follow Ye Chen practically and work hard wholeheartedly, and Ye Chen might give himself this opportunity in the future.

But that would definitely be something he could only hope for after he was 50 years old and had accumulated enough experience and experience.

But he never dreamed that Ye Chen would suddenly give him the opportunity to reach heaven in one step.

The only thing he was worried about now was that he was afraid that he wasn’t capable enough to do the job.

However, when he saw Ye Chen’s firm eyes, he knew that Ye Chen’s ability to make this decision not only represented recognition of his own abilities, but also his trust in his loyalty.

Thus, he gritted his teeth and said in a loud voice, “Young Master, thanks to your love, my subordinate is willing to go all out and try him out, if my subordinate’s ability is not good enough, he will definitely ask for his resignation from Young Master at the first time, please don’t force yourself at that time, Young Master!”

Ye Chen said appreciatively, “Don’t worry, if your ability is not up to par, I won’t be nepotistic and will definitely replace you at the first opportunity.”

After saying that, he then looked at Hong Wu and spoke, “Hong Wu, you’ve been following me for quite a long time, after Old Chen becomes the Ye family’s head butler, you’ll be the agent of the entire Jinling as well as the entire province, are you willing to do that?”

Hong Wu was overjoyed, he quickly arched his hand and said, “Back to Master Ye, subordinate is willing! My subordinate is the same as General Chen, I will definitely do my best, but if my subordinate is not able to do so, I also ask Master Ye not to force him!”


Ye Chen nodded slightly and spoke, “You two prepare, after Lao Chen first hands over the work in Jinling to Hong Wu, he will go to Yanjing as soon as possible, I will greet the old master in advance, and let the old master help you to take office and assume your new position at that time, but then it will be hard for you to stay in Yanjing for a period of time first, and comb through the stalls left by Tang Sihai, and at that time, you can take part of the work to Jinling, and at the same time, you can also continue to stay here and study martial arts.”

Chen Zekai was pleasantly surprised to hear that he could also continue to learn martial arts, and hurriedly said, “Thank you, Young Master! My subordinate will definitely practice martial arts while ensuring that all the work lands perfectly!”

“Good.” Ye Chen smiled, “You guys hurry up and hand over your work, I’m going to go back to Tomson’s!”