Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5958

Chen Zhaozhong smiled sarcastically, “I do think 。。。。。。 I am thinking that he has also done enough 。。。。。。”

Ye Chen said in a firm tone, “Uncle Zhong, I’ll arrange this matter, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Seeing this, Chen Zhaozhong had no choice but to say, “Then I will listen to young master in all respects.”

Ye Chen said, “I am still in Yanjing, I will depart back to Jinling later, there are still some things to do in Jinling, I expect to take off from Jinling to New York tonight, Uncle Zhong, you don’t need to be in a hurry, pack up your own things, settle your home, go to the airport at night and fly to Jinling, and we’ll meet up directly at the airport.”

“Okay young master!” Chen Zhao Zhong said dryly, “Let’s meet at night.”


After making an appointment with Chen Zhaozhong, Ye Chen directly called Liu Jiahui.

On the phone, Ye Chen asked him to arrange for a private jet to take Chen Zhaozhong to Jinling at nine tonight, and also asked him to arrange for a fleet of cars to take him from Chen Zhaozhong’s house to the airport.

Although Liu Jiahui was not happy in his heart, he didn’t dare to refute, and could only accompany him with a smile and promise.

Afterwards, Ye Chen took Lin Wan’er and said goodbye to the old man Ye Zhongquan.

On the plane, Lin Wan’er asked Ye Chen: “Your Excellency is going to New York tonight, then you can only stay in Jinling for more than ten hours, I don’t know if it’s a bit hasty?”

Ye Chen shook his head and said, “There aren’t too many things that need to be dealt with back in Jinling, the main thing is that I want to see my grandparents’ family and talk to them about the situation in the past few days to see if they can come up with any useful information, in addition to saying hello to my in-laws again and then I can depart.”

Lin Wan’er nodded and softly said, “Nu Jia almost forgot, Gongzi’s wife happens to be in the United States as well.”

“Right.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “Before Uncle Chang Sheng came, I asked Miss Fei of the Fei family to invite her to the US to help out, and she is now in New York as well.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “However, this time, when I go to New York, I’m not going to tell her yet.”

Lin Wan’er asked curiously, “Why doesn’t Gongzi plan to tell her? Isn’t a couple reunion quite good?”

Ye Chen said, “This time when I go to the United States, apart from checking on that Peter Zhou, I also want to re-combine the clues that my parents have obtained the Nine Mysteries Scripture Preface, I don’t know if the Broken Qing Society knows about the Nine Mysteries Scripture Preface, if they do know about it, I don’t know how much they know about it, so I think that this time when I go to the United States, I think that it is more or less still a bit sensitive and dangerous, so I will just not go to meet with her, so as not to cause any trouble.”

Lin Wan Er nodded her head slightly in understanding and said, “Nowadays, it seems that the clues in New York are really intricate and complicated, coupled with the fact that your grandparents’ family has just had an accident, and that everyone in the An family is currently out of the United States, leaving only your aunt’s husband in New York, I think that the Breaking the Clearance Society will definitely have a lot of eyes and ears in New York as well, and I think that the Prince will definitely be more careful when he travels to the United States this time around.”