Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5957

Ye Chen sent the photo to Chen Zhaozhong on WeChat, and then attached a voice message, “Uncle Zhong, hard work, help me look at it, do you know this person next to my father?”

Chen Zhao Zhong quickly sent him back a voice message, “Young master, this person on the photo, I have seen him before, his English name is Peter, Peter-Chou, Peter Zhou, but I’m not too familiar with him, I only know that he’s a Chinese antique merchant, and he has a close relationship with your father.”

As soon as Ye Chen heard Chen Zhaozhong say that he knew this person, he immediately gave him a call, and once the call was made, he hurriedly asked, “Uncle Zhong, please introduce this Peter Chow to me specifically.”

Chen Zhaozhong said, “Peter Zhou’s family has been engaged in the antique business overseas, the main business are concentrated in Europe and America, in addition to the United States, is the United Kingdom and France, his family in Europe and the United States in the antique industry is somewhat famous.”

Said Chen Zhaozhong and said, “The photo you sent, is the shop of Peter Zhou’s family in New York, it is said that this shop is the first shop opened by the Zhou family, so the shop is quite small and inconspicuous.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Uncle Zhong, when was the last time you saw this Peter Zhou?”

Chen Zhao Zhong said, “That should be a long time, when I opened a roast goose shop in Chinatown, he came to patronise it a few times, but then he seemed to be out of New York, so there was no contact.”

Saying that, Chen Zhaozhong asked curiously, “Young Master, are you planning to find Peter Zhou?”

Ye Chen said frankly, “I intend to make a trip to New York, and take a look at this antique shop first, it would be great if I can find this Peter Zhou.”

Chen Zhaozhong said without thinking, “Young master, I will accompany you, after all, I am a little more familiar with New York, besides, I have also had several encounters with Peter.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Is it convenient for Uncle Zhong in terms of time?”

“Convenient, convenient.” Chen Zhaozhong hurriedly said, “I was also supposed to go to Jinling to find young master for you to report for duty, I have been accompanying my family these days, and things at home have settled down.”

Ye Chen pondered for a moment and said, “That’s good, what is the approximate time Uncle Zhong can leave?”

Chen Zhao Zhong said, “I can do it anytime, today will do, I’ll look at the air tickets now.”

Ye Chen laughed, “Uncle Zhong doesn’t need to be so troublesome, I’ll let Liu Jiahui arrange a private jet for you to send you to Jinling, we’ll meet up in Jinling at that time.”

Chen Zhao Zhong coughed twice and said awkwardly, “Young master, now the house where the family lives and all expenses are arranged by Mr Liu, I’ll go to Jinling by myself, just buy an air ticket and go, it’s better not to bother Mr Liu.”

Ye Chen smiled slightly, said seriously, “Uncle Zhong, these are Liu Jiahui owes you, you don’t have to be polite with him, besides, Liu Jiahui this kind of person, I am more than understand, he is a car parked on the uphill, pulling the handbrake at all times, this handbrake is not only can’t slacken for a moment, and also have to be overhauled every three to five times, there is the slightest trace of slack must be pulled taut, otherwise as long as he is given a slightest chance, he will be able to pull it tight. the slightest chance, he is bound to slip backwards.”