Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5956

Ye Chen thought about it and said with a smile, “The little girl likes ancient culture, so don’t be surprised if she calls herself slave later on.”

Ye Zhongquan shook his head and said with a smile, “I’m old, I don’t understand what these young people like.”

Saying that, he lowered his voice again and said to Ye Chen, “But this Miss Lin is really very much a lady of the house, she is just a bit younger, otherwise, she is really suitable for you.”

“Yes, the age is really small ……,” Ye Chen smiled and echoed a sentence, secretly thinking in his heart, “If your old man knows that Lin Wan Er is already more than 300 years old, he’s afraid that he’ll faint in fear.”

He then went to the restaurant with Ye Zhongquan.

Lin Wan’er was taking out the bought breakfasts one by one, while Ye Chen handed the photo album in his hand to Ye Zhongquan and asked him, “Grandpa, do you have any impression of this photo album before?”

“Photo album?” Ye Zhongquan frowned, “Where did the photo album come from?”

Ye Chen said, “It’s in my parents’ former study.”

“It shouldn’t be ah ……” Ye Zhongquan muttered, “Your parents’ study, I’ve cleaned it up I don’t know how many times, I know exactly how many books are in it, I haven’t seen any photo albums in it! ”

Ye Chen pointed to the album and asked him, “This album you don’t have any impression?”

Ye Zhongquan looked at the photo album that Ye Chen handed over and shook his head, “First time I’ve seen it, and I’m certain that this thing was definitely not in your parents’ study before.”

Ye Chen’s heart was instantly a little puzzled.

His parents had died twenty years ago, and the old master had always had people keep the old mansion in its current state, and he should know everything in this old mansion like the back of his hand.

If he said that he did not have any impression of this photo album, then it proved that this photo album had been taken over later.

Thinking of Tang Sihai, Ye Chen surmised that there was a high probability that Tang Sihai had brought it yesterday.

It seemed that Tang Sihai knew what he was looking for, so he left the clues here in advance so that he could discover them.

This also made Ye Chen even more certain of his guess from last night, that the one Tang Sihai was really working for must be someone else.

He even felt that the person behind this, and the person behind the two nuns in Qingzhao nunnery yesterday, were most likely one.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen was already looking forward to solving this riddle.

With that, he looked at Ye Zhongquan in front of him and spoke, “Grandpa, then open it and see if the photo inside looks familiar.”

Ye Zhongquan gently nodded, and doubtfully opened the photo album, and after carefully looking through it, he said to Ye Chen, “I haven’t seen any of these photos before.”

Ye Chen pointed to the group photo of Zhou Liangyun and his father and asked, “Grandpa, this person beside my dad, do you have any impression?”

Ye Zhongquan stared at Zhou Liangyun for half a day, shook his head and said, “I don’t have much of an impression, and I’ve never heard of Changsha, I see that this photo should have been taken in the United States, could it be a friend of his in the United States back then?”

Ye Chen saw that the old man really didn’t recognise it, so he nodded slightly and said, “It should be.”

Ye Zhongquan suddenly remembered something at this time, and reminded Ye Chen, “Right Chen’er, I remember that you brought Chen Zhaozhong back from the United States some time ago, he was very close to your father when he was alive, and he also lived in the United States for a very long time, so I think that you can look for him to ask him about it.”

Ye Chen suddenly brightened up, before he let Chen Zhaozhong in Hong Kong Island more with his family, waiting for his call, but in order to let Chen Zhaozhong more with his family, Ye Chen has not let him come to Jinling, the critical moment, he did not think of him!

So Ye Chen then immediately spoke, “Grandpa you’re right, I’ll take the photo and send it to Uncle Zhong, ask him if he recognises it.”