Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5955

Late at night, a freighter set sail from Bohai Bay, carrying Tang Sihai to Tahiti, located in the South Pacific.

Tang Sihai stood at the stern of the ship, looking at the distant port of Tianjin in the night, with mixed feelings in his heart.

Although he was the beloved of Ye Chen’s father, Ye Changliang, twenty years ago, Ye Changliang gave him two tasks, one was to protect Ye Chen’s safety after his own accident, and the other was to follow An Chengjing’s orders in everything.

Over the years, although Tang Sihai had still been working as a housekeeper in the Ye family, in reality, everything was following An Chengqi’s instructions.

In the previous ten years, even Ye Zhongquan didn’t know whether his grandson, Ye Chen, was alive or dead.

This is because Ye Changliang did not arrange for Tang Sihai to inform Ye Zhongquan of Ye Chen’s news before his accident, and everything was still controlled by An Chengjing behind the scenes.

It was after An Chengqi felt the time was ripe that he let Tang Sihai confess to Ye Zhongquan about Ye Chen’s situation, Ye Zhongquan felt that he himself was ashamed of his son and daughter-in-law, plus this grandson’s ill-fated fate, in order to make amends to Ye Chen, so he bought the Imperial Group, and then gave Tang Sihai a ten billion dollar black card to bring to Ye Chen, and only then did all the things that happened behind the scenes happen.

Suddenly leaving Yanjing, although Tang Sihai’s heart was reluctant to leave, but he also knew that his temporary departure was the best way at the moment, the only thing that made him feel ashamed, was the unceremonious farewell to Ye Chen.

And at this moment, Ye Chen, who was alone, was lying in the guest room of the Ye family’s old mansion tossing and turning.

Tang Sihai’s unceremonious farewell had made him think of a truth.

Tang Sihai wasn’t working for his grandfather, Ye Zhongquan, nor was he working for his father, Ye Changyi.

If Tang Sihai was serving his father, then he wouldn’t have left today.

Instead, he would have helped himself to figure out just who and where this Zhou Liangyun was.

After all, this Zhou Liangyun was most likely a friend of his father’s, while Tang Sihai was his father’s old subordinate, and between these two, there was no need to hide for each other.

The only conclusion was that Tang Sihai was actually working for a third person he didn’t know about.

That person, didn’t want to let himself know of his existence through Tang Sihai, which was why he made Tang Sihai suddenly disappear, leaving himself with nowhere to check or ask questions.

What puzzled Ye Chen was who this third person actually was.

However, it was good that all the signs indicated that this third person was definitely not an enemy, which allowed Ye Chen to breathe a little sigh of relief while being puzzled.


Early the next morning.

Ye Chen took the photo album and left the guest room, and came to the main hall, Ye Zhongquan was already waiting here, and when he saw Ye Chen come out, he spoke, “Chen’er, Miss Lin asked me to tell you that she went out to buy some breakfast, and will be back in a while.”

Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “She went by herself?”

Ye Zhongquan nodded and said, “Four Seas has been unable to contact her, and the old mansion side didn’t keep any servants, I originally said that I would go, but it turned out that she went out ahead of me.”

Ye Chen nodded gently, his heart was still more or less worried.

After all, Wu Fei Yan had been trying to catch Lin Wan Er, and Lin Wan Er didn’t have a bodyguard by her side, going out alone always made him feel a little unsure.

Just as he was thinking, Lin Wan’er had already pushed the door and walked in, carrying a lot of bags with breakfast in her hand, when she saw Ye Chen, she smiled and said, “Gongzi woke up, come and have breakfast, I bought a lot of Yanjing special breakfast.”

Saying that, he also hurriedly said to Ye Zhongquan, “Grandpa Ye also eat some together!”

Ye Zhongquan gently nodded and said with a smile, “Tough luck Miss Lin.”

After saying that, he asked Ye Chen in a low voice, “Chen’er, how does this Miss Lin call you Gongzi?”