Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5952

        Said, Xiao Changkun cursed and said, “Now I think about it, I always think that this ten have nine times is that surnamed Zhou buried the pit for me, maybe that bottle vibration is also his ghost.”

  Ye Chen temporarily suppressed the surprise in his heart and said to Xiao Changkun with a smile, “Alright dad, it’s been so long, we have nothing to lose, so don’t always get over it in your heart.”

  Saying that, he added: “Right Dad, there is still something on my side, so I won’t talk to you first.”

  Xiao Changkun busily asked, “Good son-in-law, when are you coming back? I’m dying of boredom without you at home.”

  Ye Chen said, “It should be soon, just these two days.”

  ”Good.” Xiao Changkun said, “When you come back, let’s find a place to jerk off and drink beer.”


  Ye Chen agreed, and then on the phone, he said goodbye to Xiao Changkun.

  After hanging up the phone, he asked Lin Wan’er in front of him, “Miss Lin, what do you think?”

  Lin Wan’er said, “I think that Gongzi’s father-in-law shouldn’t be lying, and what he said also happens to match my guess.”

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er added, “My slave feels that it is likely that Gongzi’s father was already preparing for Gongzi to obtain the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures more than 20 years ago, and through what Gongzi’s father-in-law said it can also be seen that the Jade Pot Spring Vase shattered on its own, and it is likely that the vibrations that he was talking about originated from the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures itself;¡±”

  ”Therefore, my slave speculates that it is not the case that whoever obtains the Jade Pot Spring Vase will be able to obtain the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, but rather that this person has to meet the requirements of the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, and achieve the qualifications to open the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, before the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures will take the initiative to reveal itself;”

  ”Gongzi just happened to have the submerged dragon out of its trap at that time, and reached the requirements to open the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, so when Gongzi’s father-in-law took out that Jade Pot Spring Vase in the VIP room of Jiqing Hall, the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures inside sensed Gongzi, and that’s why it would break away from Gongzi’s father-in-law’s hands, and make the final paving for Gongzi to get it.”

  Ye Chen sighed, “You have a point, just like that ring you gave me, when I was initially just close to you, it would inexplicably vibrate in my pocket, only at that time, I didn’t know what the reason for its vibration was, so when my father-in-law said that the Jade Pot Spring Vase was vibrating in his hand, I didn’t doubt it at all.”

  Lin Wan’er couldn’t help but sigh, “In that case, it is by no means luck that has brought you everything you have today, it is all destiny.”

  Ye Chen said, “It can’t be considered destiny, after all, it seems that now, it’s likely that it’s all the path that my father has paved for me.”

  Lin Wan Er shook her head and said, “What your father has done for you is certainly important, but this is not the only reason why you have obtained the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, probably in this world, those who can trigger the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, there is and only one person in the Gongzi, even if there is no arrangement from your father, the Gongzi will definitely have an accidental encounter with that Jade Pot Spring Vase at some point in time. “

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er lamented, “If I could find this Zhou Liangyun and ask him face to face, it would be even better.”

  Ye Chen said with certainty, “Find! Must find him! I plan to make a trip to the United States first in the near future to find this antique shop!”

  Lin Wan’er reminded, “Before Gongzi goes to America, do you want to have a good chat with Butler Tang? He was arranged for Gongzi by his father, and so was Zhou Liangyun, so they might know each other!”