Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5951

  Said here, Xiao Changkun depressed said: “that day that jade pot spring vase is also evil, this side just on the hand, it is like smeared with oil, directly from my hand to slide down, snapped a drop on the ground, may be that surnamed Zhou smeared with oil on it intentionally touching porcelain me.”

Ye Chen wondered, “Dad, after that jade pot spring vase broke, it was me who used egg white to repair it, I remember it seems like it didn’t smear oil ah, and I remember that its surface isn’t very smooth, because that’s a Tang Dynasty artefact, so its glaze is relatively rough, holding it in your hand is a certain frosted feeling, this kind of thing damping is relatively strong, how can it slide off from your hand? ”

“This ……” Xiao Changkun stammered on the phone end to say a reason.

Ye Chen then guided him: “Dad, that thing has been satisfactorily resolved, you also do not have any psychological burden, we are just words rushed to chat here, I was more curious in my heart only, what was the situation at that time you just tell me directly on the line.”

Xiao Changkun thought in his heart, “What Ye Chen said is also true, at that time, even though I was the one who got into a big trouble and was slapped, but the good thing is that Ye Chen resolved the matter satisfactorily on the spot, the Jade Pot Spring Vase that he restored was praised even by Song Wanting, and he also said that the value had been greatly enhanced, so there’s no need for me to take it as a burden.”

Thinking of this, he sighed and said, “Good son-in-law, it’s not that dad didn’t want to tell you the truth, I was afraid that you wouldn’t believe me even if I told you the truth, instead, I felt that I was bullshitting.”

As soon as Ye Chen heard this, he knew that there was a hidden agenda that he didn’t know about, so he hurriedly said, “Aiya dad, are we just chatting? Even if you tell me that the bottle jumped off your hand by itself I’ll believe it.” I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to tell me that the bottle jumped out of your hand, but I’ll believe it.

“I rub ……” Xiao Changkun on the phone that end of a pat on the thigh, off the mouth: “I tell you Ye Chen, you really don’t believe it, then the situation and you just said a big difference, that stupid bottle is like someone in the inside of the installed Vibrating motor like, I fucking just put it end up, it suddenly in my hand shocked a bit, just that a bit, directly to my two hands are shocked numb, and then did not hold, snapped fell there ……”

Said this, Xiao Changkun and said: “I was with that Zhou Liangyun said, I said this thing must have a problem, like the wind like, but Zhou Liangyun non-said I was intentionally messing around, so only then made up so unreliable excuses …… I look at this thing, I can not defend ah, and then thinking of Hurry to run away, let you help me top.”

The words just fell, Xiao Changkun and hastened to give their own defence: “good son-in-law, you must not misunderstand, at that time I was not wanting you to help me take the blame, I want you to first help me over there to top a little bit, I hurriedly find a way to find the money to ransom you out, I did not think that you are so capable of directly to the Jade Jug Spring Vase to repair.”

Ye Chen did not take his explanation seriously, but asked curiously, “Dad, you said that the Jade Pot Spring Vase suddenly vibrated in your hands, what exactly happened? Did Zhou Liangyun personally hand this Jade Pot Spring Vase to you?”

“No.” Xiao Changkun said: “At that time, the situation was, the son of a b*tch surnamed Zhou, directly opened the box containing the Jade Pot Spring Vase, and then also gave me a pair of white gloves, so that I myself to take out the bottle tasting, I did not think too much at that time, reached out to hold it out, I took it out was trying to take a picture streaming a friend circle, did not think that he was in my hands suddenly shook, directly fell. “