Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5949

  Ye Chen muttered, “But Zhou Liangyun didn’t stay in Jinling all the time waiting for me to break the predicament, he only came to Jinling a month or so before the incident, that means that when he came to Jinling, he knew what was going to happen behind him ……”

“But, my father has already passed away for twenty years …… He is not a divine reckoner like you, how could he know twenty years ago that I would have to be twenty-seven years old before I could break through that predicament?”

Lin Wan’er couldn’t help but frown.

She pondered for a long time before she said, “What Your Excellency has just said is very true, and although I have no intention of offending, it is impossible for your father to have calculated things so accurately twenty years from now twenty years ago.”

Ye Chen added: “When I first met Master Lai at Ye Ling Mountain, he said that he was requested by my grandfather to go to Yanjing to pick this feng shui treasure for the Ye family at Ye Ling Mountain, this matter, I have also asked for confirmation with my grandfather and many other parties, at the time when the Ye family’s luck was not good, my grandfather did go around begging for help, and finally begged Master Lai, so I can break the Dragon Trapped in Shoal’s bureau, which should not have been arranged by my father in advance.”

Lin Wan’er pursued, “Then did the Lai family heir tell Gongzi, Gongzi this Dragon Trapped in the Shoal’s Bureau, when exactly was it formed?”

Ye Chen thought back for a moment and said, “According to him it should have been formed when I got married.”

Lin Wan’er was puzzled, “It was even more confusing then. Gongzi is twenty-eight years old this year, from the time he was born until the year he turned twenty-three, he was a Dragon Grid and was not trapped, so why didn’t Zhou Liangyun give Gongzi the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures before he turned twenty-three?”

Ye Chen sighed: “Yes, I can’t figure it out either, and what I can’t figure out even more is that Zhou Liangyun didn’t appear before I was twenty-three years old, then I got married, invariably fell into the predicament of the dragon trapped in the shallows, and it was only after four years that it was broken by Elder Lai, so why was Zhou Liangyun able to grasp the timing so accurately?”

“I can confirm from the timing that Elder Lai told me that after he completely broke the Dragon Trapped Shoal’s predicament, I obtained the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures immediately after, which means that Zhou Liangyun knew when I would be able to break the predicament, so he came to Jinling to make preparations a month before my predicament was broken.”

Lin Wan’er exclaimed, “It seems like he’s been keeping an eye on the Ye Family, on Gongzi, and has even been following Old Mister Lai’s every move.”

Ye Chen could not help but sigh, “Now it seems that if we want to know what is going on, we must find this Zhou Liangyun, he must know what is going on.”

Lin Wan Er said in agreement, “Finding him is the key, but there is one more thing that slave wants you to confirm with your father-in-law.”

Ye Chen asked her, “My father-in-law? What do I need to confirm with him?”

Lin Wan’er said seriously, “Need to confirm with him exactly how that Jade Pot Spring Vase broke when he was in Jiqing Hall.”

Ye Chen said, “It was broken when his hand slipped.”

Lin Wan’er asked in return, “But Your Excellency didn’t witness him slipping his hands at that time, right?”

Ye Chen nodded, “Indeed, that’s what he told me.”

Lin Wan’er said, “Nowadays, it seems that when that Jade Pot Spring Vase shattered, it was the key to Gongzi’s later obtaining the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, it was like the only fuse that detonated the explosives, so, my slave thought that such an important triggering condition shouldn’t be pinned on Gongzi’s father-in-law’s hand slipping or not.”

“Therefore, exactly how this Jade Pot Spring Vase slipped from the hands of the Duke’s father-in-law and fell to pieces is also very important, in the end, was it Zhou Liangyun who intentionally used a ruse, or did this Jade Pot Spring Vase fall on its own?”