Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5947

Ye Chen felt that his brain had short-circuited a little in this instant.

Nowadays, it seemed that Zhou Liangyun’s probability was that he had been arranged by someone before appearing in Jinling, and the person who had arranged for him was most likely his own father, who had already passed away twenty years ago.

This also made Ye Chen feel a kind of inexplicable tension and oppression, what exactly did his parents encounter back then, not only did they get into trouble with killing people, but they even had to plan so far and so much for themselves before anything happened.

Back then, when his parents had an accident, Tang Sihai protected himself in the orphanage at the first time, which was the arrangement that his father had made long ago, but he didn’t expect that he had also arranged for this person surnamed Zhou to travel to Jinling almost twenty years later to set up a bureau for himself ……

Thinking of this, he picked up the phone once again and called Song Wanting, he still had a question that urgently needed to be confirmed with Song Wanting.

The phone was connected, Song Wanting asked respectfully on the other side of the phone, “Master Ye, have you read the information that was just sent to you? Are there any problems?”

“Read it.” Ye Chen said, “There’s nothing wrong, I just have another thing I want to confirm with you.”

Song Wanting hurriedly said, “Please speak, Master Ye.”

Ye Chen said, “It’s that Jade Pot Spring Vase that my father-in-law broke by mistake back then, do you still know how it got to Jiqing Hall? Was it recovered by Jiqing Hall itself, or was it placed on consignment by someone else at Jiqing Hall?”

Song Wanting pondered: “That jade pot spring vase …… if I remember correctly should be the Zhou manager recovered, he just joined the month, to help Jiqing Hall to recover a lot of antiques, but most of them are not too colourful, although not to talk about eye-catching, but the things ordinary, there is not too much profit space! That Jade Pot Spring Vase is one of the best antiques he’s ever recovered.”

Ye Chen muttered, “So it is he recovered …… that he has said where exactly this thing is recovered from?”

Song Wanting thought about it and said, “At that time, he said that it was a friend of his who used to do antiques together who was short of money before he changed hands, and the price was indeed more appropriate, the market price could probably be auctioned to four or five million, and even had the potential to be auctioned to five or six million, but at that time, the person’s offer had not yet come to four million either, and I felt that it was still steady profit, so I let him take it back. ”

“I see.” Ye Chen nodded his head, this result was not out of his expectation, so it seems that this Zhou Liangyun specially went to Jinling and applied for a job at Jiqing Hall, and also introduced that Jade Pot Spring Vase into Jiqing Hall at a low price, everything was done in order to allow himself to obtain the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures.

Then the question came, is this “Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures” left by his father to himself?

If father had already obtained the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures at that time, then why had he not cultivated the techniques within it?

Thinking of this, Ye Chen could not help but fall into a quandary.

At this moment, Song Wanting on the other end of the phone asked with concern, “Master Ye, why are you suddenly so attached to that Jade Pot Spring Vase, is there something wrong with it?”

Ye Chen hurriedly said, “There’s nothing wrong. It’s just that I suddenly thought of this matter and wanted to figure it out.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added: “Wanting, there are some other things on my side, so I won’t talk to you first, we’ll talk about it some other day after I return to Jinling.”

Song Wanting guessed that Ye Chen must be asking for certain things, but seeing that Ye Chen didn’t want to say it explicitly, she was also very sensible and didn’t pursue the matter, instead, she respectfully said, “Grandmaster Ye, if you have any needs or any questions, feel free to give Wanting a call.”