Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5946

  Ye Chen then said, “Then I’ll work hard on Wan Ting, ask for me, and send it to me as soon as possible after you find it.”

  ”Okay Master Ye!”

  Ye Chen hung up the phone, then said to Lin Wan Er, “When you get the information later on, I’ll be hardworking Miss Lin to send it to Master Sun, so that he can help check all the archive information of this person.”

  Lin Wan’er said without thinking, “Don’t worry, sir, slave will tell him at the first opportunity.”

  Ye Chen nodded, and then waited anxiously with Lin Wan’er for Song Wanting’s feedback.

  And Song Wanting was very efficient, after a few minutes, she sent a word document to Ye Chen.

  Ye Chen opened the document, and when he saw that the column of Zhou Liang Yun’s nationality was written in Huaxia, and the column of his place of origin was written in Jinling, he knew that the probability of this information was fake.

  Continuing to look down, Zhou Liangyun’s biography inside, even less credibility.

  Resume, Zhou Liang Yun has been engaged in domestic antiques related work, said he more than 20 years ago in Yanjing Panjiayuan stall selling antiques, and later moved around the country several places, dry antique dealers, dry antique shop manager, and even dry factory specialising in the production of low-end cultural relics.

  In the entire CV, there was not a single word about him ever leaving China.

  But the photo of his father with him is clearly in Queens, USA.

  Even more outrageous is that the language column, Zhou Liangyun only wrote Chinese, did not write English.

  As a person who has been abroad, and was abroad more than twenty years ago, the probability is that his English is good, and English is a plus for finding a job, there is no reason for him not to write on it, unless he simply does not want people to know that he has been abroad.

  Moreover, in the education column, Zhou Liangyun wrote high school.

  According to the persona created by this resume, this is a high school college entrance examination failure, and then has been committed to the antique industry to climb and fight the hangers-on, although the hangers-on, not academics, but the good thing is that the practical ability is not bad, in the antique industry front line accumulated more than twenty years of experience after the experience, but also counted as a seasoned connoisseur.

  After Ye Chen read it, he said to Lin Wan Er with some frustration, “I see that most of the content in this CV should be fake.”

  Lin Wan Er on the side smiled bitterly and said, “I think, there are so many words in here, but only the word “Zhou” is real, he should really be surnamed Zhou, after all, Prince’s father also wrote “chou” on the back of the photo. After all, his father also wrote “chou” on the back of the photo. “

  Ye Chen asked her, “Do you think his name could be real?”

  Lin Wan’er shrugged her shoulders, “My slave thinks that there is absolutely no possibility that it is true.”

  Saying that, she pointed at the name on the resume and laughed helplessly, “My lord, his name is Zhou Liangyun, Liangyun! Isn’t that good luck? Translated into English, it’s goodluck!”

  ”Although the name Liang Luck isn’t exactly rare in Chinese names, why is it him?”

  ”Why is he the one who brought out the Jade Pot Spring Vase to the Prince’s father-in-law, who indirectly allowed the Prince to obtain the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scripture, and who indirectly prompted the Prince to meet the wind and turn into a dragon called Liang Luck?”

  ”In my slave’s opinion, this name, odds are, was created for you, Gongzi ……”