Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5945

  Ye Chen forced down his inner tension and opened his mouth to ask, “Wanting, I would like to ask the manager of Jiqing Hall called Zhou Liangyun at the time, is he still working in the Song family now?”

  ”Not anymore.” Song Wanting subconsciously said, “Back then, he was very rude to you and your father-in-law at Jiqing Hall, and he also couldn’t see the true value of that Jade Pot Spring Vase you restored, Wanting felt that not only was his work ethic flawed, even his professionalism was also greatly lacking, so she fired him.”

  ”Fired?” Ye Chen hurriedly asked, “Then where did he go afterwards do you know?”

  ”I don’t know ……,” Song Wanting said, “After that incident, I’ve never seen him again.”

  Ye Chen quickly asked again, “Then when did he go to work at Jiqing Hall?”

  Song Wanting said, “He worked in Jiqing Hall for a very short period of time, before and after, a total of just over a month less than two months.”

  Upon hearing this, Ye Chen was even more surprised in his heart.

  This Zhou Liangyun, who had only worked at Jiqing Hall two months before the incident, showed that he seemed to have gone to Jiqing Hall just for himself!

  Thinking of this, Ye Chen hurriedly asked again, “Wanting, was it you who recruited him at that time?”

  ”Yes.” Song Wanting said, “At that time, I was not valued in the Song family, and I received ostracism from my eldest uncle and cousin, so my family gave me the business of Jiqing Hall, at that time, Jiqing Hall was already unable to make ends meet, and it was also very chaotic internally, with a serious rat race of internal and external collusion amongst the staff, so I opened up all the people, and replaced them with a new batch of newcomers, and it was at that time that Zhou Liangyun came to apply for the job; “

  Ye Chen said, “Why did you recruit him at that time?”

  Song Wanting thought for a moment and said, “This person gave me a very good feeling at first, very knowledgeable about eastern and western antiques, and humble, very educated, the interview can also be seen, this person is very eloquent, ask anything can answer, plus the salary requirements are not outrageous, the overall feeling of cost-effective, so I interviewed the same day to let him into the job up.”

  Said, Song Wanting and some chagrin said: “Just I did not expect, this person nature is so bad, that day not only offended your father-in-law, and even offended you, and even your amazing restoration techniques can not be seen, this is my knowledge of people are not prudent, but also please Ye masters forgive …… “

  Ye Chen thought in his heart, “I think that the person in Song Wanting’s mouth who knows a lot about antiques, is humble and extremely educated, is Zhou Liangyun’s real identity, as for the Zhou Liangyun who was furious because he dropped the Jade Pot Spring Vase, slapped his own father-in-law’s ears and spoke out against himself, instead, it’s his disguise… …”

  At this time, Song Wanting on the phone asked him, “Master Ye, why did you suddenly think of asking about Zhou Liangyun?”

  Ye Chen covered it up, “Oh, nothing, it’s just that I was chatting with a friend about the time when I suddenly had some feelings and wanted to ask about this person.”

  Saying that, Ye Chen then asked, “By the way Wanting, can you look for information about this person for me?”

  Song Wanting said, “I’ll ask the person in charge of the current Jiqing Hall, at first, Jiqing Hall’s employee information is still all in Jiqing Hall’s side of the computer to stay on file, Jiqing Hall’s very first industrial and commercial registration has not been registered under Song’s Group, so that side of the employee information has not been merged into the Song’s Group’s personnel file, and the management is not as formal as that of the Song’s Group.”