Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5944

“Yes!” Ye Chen nodded heavily and explained, “I felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity when you said his surname was Zhou, and then the antique shop behind them ……”

  Saying that, Ye Chen looked at Lin Wan’er and said with an expression that was still horrified, “Do you remember, I told you that my father-in-law, who was not pretending to understand, had to go to the antique shop to open his eyes, but ended up accidentally breaking someone else’s a Jade Pot Spring Vase?”

  Lin Wan Er said without thinking, “Of course! It was in the wreckage of that Jade Pot Spring Vase that Gongzi obtained the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, how could my slave not remember such an important matter!”

  Ye Chen nodded, pointing at the man pictured side by side with his father in the photo, and murmured, “The manager of that antique shop at that time, that was him!”

  ”What?!” Lin Wan’er instantly widened her eyes, her voice trembling a little as she asked, “Your Excellency is saying that this man who was pictured with your father in New York more than twenty years ago, worked in the antique shop in Jinling more than twenty years later, and that he was the one who gave the Jade Pot Spring Vase that hid the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, to your father-in-law’s hands?!”

  ”Yes ……,” Ye Chen nodded firmly, “I’m sure! This person’s name is Zhou Liangyun, and that antique shop in Jinling is called Jiqing Hall, which is the property of the Song family in Jinling, and at that time, the Jiqing Hall was not well run, and in the huge Song family’s property, it was just an inconspicuous corner, responsible for this business line of the Jiqing Hall, that is, the current head of the Song family, Song Wanting, and this Zhou Liangyun, who was the manager of the Jiqing Hall at that time… …”

  Speaking here, Ye Chen felt that his back was already wet.

  Previously, he felt that he had been completely unlucky in obtaining the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures.

  It wasn’t until some time ago, when he heard his great uncle talk about how his parents had once obtained the Preface of the Nine Xuan Scriptures, that he surmised that there should be some connection between the Preface of the Nine Xuan Scriptures and the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, but there had been no clear evidence of this;

  Now, he suddenly realised that the manager of Jiqing Hall, named Zhou Liangyun, was actually his father’s close friend twenty years ago.

  And it was by his hands that the Jade Pot Spring Vase was handed over to his old husband, Xiao Changkun, in the first place.

  At that time, the old father-in-law with him in the vip room while he waited at the door, so what exactly happened inside, they did not see with their own eyes, but from the old father-in-law’s later account can be learnt, when Zhou Liangyun will be the jade pot spring vase from the exquisite box, and handed to the old father-in-law’s hand, and the old father-in-law’s hand slipped, it will be that the bottle fell to the ground… …

  Now it seems that there is this Zhou Liangyun interspersed with it, which can never be a coincidence.

  Thus, Ye Chen subconsciously took out his mobile phone and immediately called Song Wanting.

  Right now, the only way to understand this Zhou Liangyun was, I’m afraid, Song Wanting!

  The call was quickly connected.

  When she received Ye Chen’s call at night, Song Wanting was still a little vaguely flustered as she asked joyfully, “Why is Master Ye calling Wanting so late at night?”