Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5943

Seeing this line of words, Lin Wan Er immediately said, “queens should be Queens, New York, in this case, this photo is indeed taken in Queens, as for the chou …… mostly used in the Chinese ‘Zhou’ this English translation of the surname, it seems that this person who took a photo with Gongzi’s father has the surname Zhou, and he is a Chinese descendant, only I don’t know what he is called Zhou.”

“You’re right ……,” Ye Chen gently nodded, while a pair of eyebrows kept knitting tightly.

He murmured, “I always feel that this man surnamed Zhou looks a bit familiar, but for a moment I just can’t remember how I’ve seen him anywhere.”

Lin Wan’er busily said, “Sir don’t be in a hurry, the reason why you feel familiar must be because you do have a similar face in your memory, it’s just that you may not have a very deep memory of that person or you may have only had a very brief encounter, so sir don’t be in a hurry, think carefully and you will surely be able to come up with clues.”

Saying that, she asked Ye Chen: “Gongzi, apart from feeling that this person looks familiar, are there any other clues that make you feel strange or familiar?”

Ye Chen kept rubbing the bridge of his nose, and said under his breath, “Other clues then …… I always feel that, as far as this photo is concerned, this person surnamed Zhou is not just a little bit familiar, there is also a certain point of familiarity and déjà vu, but I can never catch any specific clues in my head. ”

Lin Waner relieved: “Gongzi is not anxious, we comb like for like, first of all, Gongzi and this man surnamed Zhou’s dress, is there any more special details?”

Ye Chen looked and said, “What my father is wearing should be the more popular aviator jacket at the end of the last century, next to this one is wearing an ordinary tweed trench coat, in that era should all be more normal attire dress ……”

Lin Wan Er asked again, “What about Queens? Gongzi’s parents have been living in the United States for many years, have they ever talked to you about Queens, or have they ever taken you to Queens?”

Ye Chen pondered for a moment and replied, “My memories of going to the United States with my parents, or going back with my mother to visit my family, have always lived on Long Island, and apart from Long Island, I generally went to Manhattan more, and I don’t have much of an obvious impression of Queens.”

Said Ye Chen added: “Even this antique shop, I only learnt about it the other day from my great uncle’s mouth, and my parents never mentioned it to me before ……”

Saying this, Ye Chen’s expression suddenly froze.

Lin Wan’er did not notice Ye Chen’s change, but stared at the photo carefully, saying under her breath, “Or we can ask your father’s former old subordinates to see if they recognise this person?”

After saying that, Lin Wan Er did not hear Ye Chen’s response, so she subconsciously asked, “Gongzi?”

Ye Chen still did not respond at this time.

Lin Wan’er turned her head to look at him and saw that his face was horrified, as if he was under a fixation spell, so she hurriedly asked him, “What’s wrong with you, sir?”

Only then was Ye Chen suddenly awakened by Lin Wan Er’s enquiry.

Immediately, cold sweat began to emerge from his forehead and cheeks, and he said in a rare and somewhat panicked manner, “I …… think I know why this person looks a little familiar ……”

Lin Wan’er was surprised and hurriedly asked, “Gongzi remembered?!”